Bill Lobley

Bill Lobley


Bronxville, NY

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Bill Logan, Seamus Dodd, Colin Favor, Bill Logan NOT AN ALIAS!!!!
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Attended Fordham University (BA Film/TV/Theater) Work in Commercials includes numerous voiceovers Notable On-Camera appearances Chicken G-Man "Zeke" in Popeye's Chicken campaign (1998-2000) Bumbling handyman "Ray" in series of Black & Decker commercials (2002-2003) Voiced many opponents on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, including Mike Tyson, Steven Seagal, Phil Collins, Bruce…more


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    • Appearances in numerous commercials;
      Popeye's Chicken(2000), Black and Decker(2002) Continental Airlines (2004), Sealy Mattresses (2006)

      Performed numerous celebrity "victims" in MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch (Seasons 1-5)
      Don King, Bill Clinton, Little Richard, Stefen Seagal, Warren Beatty, Bruce Springsteen

      Alumnus of Fordham University

      Performed with Groundlings (NY), Gotham City Improv (NY), Gross National Product (DC)

      Accomplished Puppeteer

      Sometime voice of Parkay Margarine Tub

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  • Good Actor. Very Funny!

    Very Funny Actor. Lots of voices and characters. Saw him in commercials, like Continental Airways and also Raymour& Flanigan Mattresses, but knew he was doing cartoons since we are BIG fans of his work in SEALAB and \"Celebrity Deathmatch\" on MTV. He did some stage work in Improv with the Groundlings in NY. Now we hear he\'s doing cartoons and more television.We saw his name on Nickelodeon\'s website for Mighty Bug Five, a kid\'s show. IMDB says he does TV voiceovers, too. And one website is quoted as saying he did the voice of the Parkay Margarine \"Butter\" thing. I thought that was in the 70\'s but it turns out they brought it back. Talented Actor!moreless
  • This comic actor is known for his work in animation (Sealab, Comedy Central\\\'s Ghostfoot), voiceovers, on-camera commercials (Popeye\\\'s, Sealy Mattresses) and frequent TV appearances (Ed, NYPD Blue). His background is in Sketch Comedy and Improvisatimoreless

    Appeared as \\\"Sparks\\\" in cult hit \\\"Sealab 2021\\\" all three seasons, and voiced many ancillary characters, displaying an enormous range.

    Additionally voiced many celebrity opponents on MTV\\\'s legendary \\\"Celebrity Deathmatch,\\\" further establishing himself as a versatile and talented performer in both recreated and original characterizations.

    His on-camera work in episodic television further illustrates this; reflecting both his wide range and his strong background in character work and improvisation.