Bill Mazeroski

Bill Mazeroski


9/5/1936, Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

Birth Name

William Stanley Mazeroski


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    • Glenn Beckert: It's an honor just to be put in Maz' class. I don't mean to sound corny. For years, I've watched Maz make the tough play look easy. The way he makes the double play is a thing of beauty.

    • Brooks Robinson: No one appreciates Bill Mazeroski more than I do. With the art of fielding under appreciated, I can say no one did it any better. He set the standard.

    • Maz: I'm going in (to the Hall of Fame) primarily defensively, and I feel more proud and honored doing it that way because there are very few defensive players in there. If I'm one of them I've got to be one of the best and something special.

    • Bob Costas: As an 8-year-old Yankee fan in 1960, I literally wept when Bill Mazeroski's home run cleared the ivy-covered wall of Forbes Field. 35 years later, I believe I have come to terms with it, and can see Bill Mazeroski for what he really was: one of baseball's all-time great second basemen.

    • Maz: (on being inducted into the Hall of Fame) It's a great feeling to be going in on the defensive side.

    • Maz: (about Pirates' teams of the sixties) We had a good defensive club. We didn't have a lot of home run power, but we had good enough pitching to where we played the game, we hit and run, we moved the runners over, we did the little things in baseball that you did back in those days to win ball games.

    • Bill Virdon: (Pirates' center fielder 1956-1968) He was without a doubt, in my mind, the best second baseman ever to play to game.

    • Maz: I am known for the home run. You mention my name and it's the home run. I think it kept my name out there and once they learned about the defensive stats everything came together.

    • Bill Virdon: (Pirates' center fielder 1956-1968) He spoiled me for the 10 years I played behind him. In fact, he made it tough for me. I backed him up for 10 years and I never got a ball. It's pretty tough to continue to back (someone) up religiously (when you) know that he's going to catch it.

    • Bill Virdon: (Pirates' center fielder 1956-1968) I think the one thing that really comes to mind that really makes him better than all the other second basemen is his ability to make the double play on any type of throw. I've known a lot of second basemen who, if they got the good throw, were as quick as Maz. But Maz could make the double play as quick as anybody from any position. The throw came and he never, ever got taken out by a runner.

    • Bill Virdon: (Pirates' center fielder 1956-1968) Many times I've seen him after the fact, he'd already delivered the ball to first base and the runner had slid into him, and he'd look down and say "Are you all right?" [to the runner].