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Bill McKinney

Bill McKinney


9/12/1931, Chattanooga, Tennessee

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William McKinney
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Bill McKinney was a prolific American television and film actor from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He appeared in seven Clint Eastwood films, although his most memorable role was the filthy, creepy and vicious mountain man in the film "Deliverance." McKinney received his formal training at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • McKinney's official website is entitled www.squeallikeapig.com after his character's most famous line in Deliverance.

    • McKinney appeared along with country music legend Johnny Cash in an episode of Columbo entitled Swan Song.

    • McKinney has guest starred on three episodes of Baywatch.

    • McKinney's character in Deliverance was dispatched with an arrow fired by Burt Reynolds' character.

    • McKinney played a prison guard in The Green Mile.

    • McKinney appeared in the original Rambo film, First Blood, as a state police captain.

    • McKinney appeared in John Wayne's final film The Shootist.

    • McKinney is friends with Clint Eastwood in real life and has appeared in eight Eastwood films.

    • Maxim magazine rated McKinney and on-screen Deliverance partner Herbert "Cowboy" Coward as the number one screen villains of all time.

    • One thing that made McKinney's performance in Deliverance so effective was that he had actually lived in the North Georgia area which was where the movie was filmed.

    • Burt Reynolds, in his autobiography, claimed he saw McKinney running nude through a golf course at 5:30 am during the filming of Deliverance. McKinney denies this contention.

    • McKinney also studied at Lee Strasberg's famed Actor's Studio in New York.

    • McKinney studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse. Two of his classmates were Dustin Hoffman and Ruth Buzzi.

    • McKinney served two years on a minesweeper off the coast of Korea during the Korean War.

    • When McKinney was a youth his family moved from Tennessee to Georgia. Soon afterwards, he was beaten up and thrown into a creek by a local youth gang who didn't like Tennesseeans.

    • McKinney joined the Navy at age 19 and served from 1950 to 1954.

    • While getting established in Hollywood as an actor, McKinney supplemented his income by working as a tree surgeon.

    • A few years ago, McKinney released an album of country songs entitled Love Songs from Antri. The title was taken from the town featured in Deliverance.

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