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    • McKinney's official website is entitled after his character's most famous line in Deliverance.

    • McKinney appeared along with country music legend Johnny Cash in an episode of Columbo entitled Swan Song.

    • McKinney has guest starred on three episodes of Baywatch.

    • McKinney's character in Deliverance was dispatched with an arrow fired by Burt Reynolds' character.

    • McKinney played a prison guard in The Green Mile.

    • McKinney appeared in the original Rambo film, First Blood, as a state police captain.

    • McKinney appeared in John Wayne's final film The Shootist.

    • McKinney is friends with Clint Eastwood in real life and has appeared in eight Eastwood films.

    • Maxim magazine rated McKinney and on-screen Deliverance partner Herbert "Cowboy" Coward as the number one screen villains of all time.

    • One thing that made McKinney's performance in Deliverance so effective was that he had actually lived in the North Georgia area which was where the movie was filmed.

    • Burt Reynolds, in his autobiography, claimed he saw McKinney running nude through a golf course at 5:30 am during the filming of Deliverance. McKinney denies this contention.

    • McKinney also studied at Lee Strasberg's famed Actor's Studio in New York.

    • McKinney studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse. Two of his classmates were Dustin Hoffman and Ruth Buzzi.

    • McKinney served two years on a minesweeper off the coast of Korea during the Korean War.

    • When McKinney was a youth his family moved from Tennessee to Georgia. Soon afterwards, he was beaten up and thrown into a creek by a local youth gang who didn't like Tennesseeans.

    • McKinney joined the Navy at age 19 and served from 1950 to 1954.

    • While getting established in Hollywood as an actor, McKinney supplemented his income by working as a tree surgeon.

    • A few years ago, McKinney released an album of country songs entitled Love Songs from Antri. The title was taken from the town featured in Deliverance.

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