Bill Nunn





10/20/1953 , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Bill Nunn grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from the historically black all-male college, Morehouse, with an English degree. Nunn's father and grandfather were acclaimed HS and collegiate athletes before becoming journalists. Nunn's father was a scout for the Pittsburgh Steelers and has five Superbowl rings. Bill enjoys a prolific film career. His film debut was in fellow Morehouse Man, Spike Lee's School Daze in 1988. He has appeared in numerous Lee movies, including Do the Right Thing as Radio Raheem. Bill has also done stage and TV work. He appeared as Dennis Leary's long suffering partner, Pip Phillips, in the critically acclaimed series The Job.

Bill has two daughters, Cydney and Jessica and his sister, Lynell, is a former Assistant U.S. attorney. He has been a comedian and enjoys teaching acting to youth.