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Bill Oakley was born in 1965. He met Josh weinstein at their high school in Washington D.C. Together they formed a high school humor magazine. Bill then attended Harvard University where he was vice president of Harvard's famous humor magazine "The Harvard Lampoon". Bill, together with Josh Weinstein,…more


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    • Oakley: (talking about Adult Swim) I love Futurama, and I'm thrilled that it's on there. It's another show that I think is perfect for Adult Swim. I have only seen a little bit of Sealab and Harvey Birdman, but both are very funny.

    • Oakley: The Simpsons has a big audience. Well, first of all, The Simpsons is now an institution, so it defies all traditional things. However, I think The Simpsons attracts -- or it used to -- every kid in the universe, some of their parents and then some grown-ups too. But if kids didn't watch it, the ratings wouldn't be very good. My suspicion is if adults who didn't have children were watching The Simpsons, their audience would be miniscule. And that's the audience we had for Mission Hill, I think.

    • Oakley: (talking about Mission Hill) I've let my daughter watch every episode except for the masturbation one.

    • Oakley: We actually have a top secret idea for a Simpsons film, but they have to ask us to do it first. But the Simpsons film may be a great mythological thing that is always talked about and never done. It requires a lot of time!

    • Oakley: (talking about Mission Hill) Well, it's all about satirizing parts of American culture. There's only about 30 percent that is goofing off and zany stuff. The whole construction of the show is about satirizing culture, from the characters to everything else.

    • Bill: (Talking about The Simpsons Spin Off Showcase episode.) Right off the bat we wanted to let people know they weren't watching a regular episode.

  • He and Josh Weinstein are a great comedy Duo!

    I love the work of Bill Oakley, I think his years of running the Simpsons, were the best years of the show, I love his shows the Mullets and Mission Hill and I can reconise his and Josh's jokes in Futurama when they surved as consulting producers there, I think he is probaply one of the greatest writers ever! All the scripts he has written are great and I personally think Mission Hill should have run for at least seven or eight seasons and then moved on and started the Mullets because that would've lasted longer because he and Josh would've gotten a greater reputation, but sadly because it was stupidly cancelled by WB execs that didn't happen. Infact, Mission Hill was probaply better than Futurama and the Mullets was probaply better than Season 4 of Family Guy. But sadly he isn't as big of a success as someone like Al Jean or Mike Scully, and I think that's wrong because in my opinion I feel he did a better job running the Simpsons than Al Jean's seasons 13-18 and Mike Scully's four years put togethor. A truly great writer!moreless