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    American Hertiage dictionary definition of Hypocrisy as

    1. The Practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues  that one does not hold or posess; fasleness

    2. An act or instance of such falseness.

    Now how come everyone says how biased Bill O'reilly is but when they watch guys like Colbert, or Bill Maher, they don't seem to notice the bias there. That is hypocrisy.

    Especially since if these people ever actually watched his show, they would realize he has more Democrats and liberal guest than Republican or conservative, and he always lets them have the last word.

    Maher, Colbert, Stewart, even Letterman, all liberals, and when they have someone who isn't liberal and disagrees with them the resort to name calling, like Letterman with O'reilly, because Letterman isn't smart enough to match wits with O'reilly so he has to resort to actinging like they were on a playground.

    Has this country gotten so extreme that they can't have an intelligent conversation anymore, and do they always have to resort to that kind of ignorant behavior? like Maher on Leno about the President.

    Even so-called news shows like 60 minutes had to resort to attacks, even though that is all they do anymore because they are more of a tabloid news show anymore.

    Say what you want to this, but it's true, I just hope people are at least intelligent enough to step back and look at it objectively.


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    I think this pretty much sums up the anti-O'reilly crowd. Taken from the reviews:

    This man really makes me sick.

    I had to reveal that this guy Bill O Reilly is such a jurk. I dont follow this guy and I wasnt going to put any review up but hearing what he said about the Missouri kidnapped and now saved boys. Opinions are opionions when you are talking about polotics and other events all over the world but saying two kids, one who has been kidnapped for four days and anouther for four years and saying what he said. I mean both kids have proberly been seriously tromitized and and he said what he said. I dont know about anyone elses opinion but Bill O Reilly is a jurk.

    Illiterate, poorly educated, and down-right ignorant.

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