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  • Disgusting man. To this day I believe he's the Satan-spawned anti-Christ.

    The most biased show host ever to get a show. His absolutely revolting comments about issues make me sick. He said that when a kid was abducted, he probably "enjoyed" some of it, not having to go to school and such. Are you kidding me? He was abducted for God's sake. If it was so damn fun we'd all go out and hop in strangers' vans, but the fact is it's not a fun thing. He has no respect for anyone else's views, and can never keep his mouth shut for long enough for his interviewee to reply. The Chasers (Australian comedy group) put it best, when they said "Fox is thinking of replacing Bill with someone quieter," and then showing his interview of Geraldo with a construction worker using a jackhammer. I hate him.