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  • Bring him back! The real face of ESPN hockey.

    Along with Barry Melrose, Bill Pidto was one of the first and best announcers for hockey postgame shows and other game-related programs on ESPN.

    Then came the switch, and the great Bill was bounced out in favor of lesser lights such as John Buccigross. Nothing personal against John. He tries hard. But he's just not Bill.

    Pidto was smart, funny and had a very thorough grounding in the game. His years of experience calling the sport at many levels made him prepared to relate everything from minute details to big stories that would affect the whole league. Bill was like a friend who would take notes in the program book of every game and tell you all the cool stories as well.

    Hockey is missing something without him. I hope he returns to the small screen this year.

    If not, be sorry you missed him.moreless