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    • Bill Pullman: (on hoping his celebrity status helps the MS Society) I think that there's probably people who wouldn't look at a brochure, that wouldn't stop at a newspaper article unless there's some pictures of a bunch of celebrities yuckin' it up in Hollywood. So we're hoping maybe something like that comes out of this.

    • Bill Pullman: I didn't really think I was going to be an actor for a long time-or only an actor... You're at point A, and you can't imagine how you're going to get to Z. When you do get there, you can look back and see the connections, A to B to C, but you can't project it at the beginning. I actually trained as a theater director.

    • Bill Pullman: American history and world history, is a lot about what the mysteries of world peace are. The kind of perspectives you can get, not Republican or Democrat, but rather the larger issue of the overarching need to call every aspect of this Earth home.

    • Bill Pullman: (on his children becoming actors) They're all involved with the arts; music is strong for them. You never know, but I'm hoping they don't.

    • Bill Pullman: (when told he was going to watch Independence Day with President Clinton) Oh, great. This is going to be like shooting baskets with Magic Johnson watching.

    • Bill Pullman: I think my most outstanding film moment in my career would have to be my President speech in Independence Day. I find myself in tears after watching it.

    • Bill Pullman: I don't mean to brag but I think I am comparable to Sean Connery.