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Bill Rogers


Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Bill Rogers is a voice actor based in New York. He started off doing roles in theater and worked his way up to voice acting starting in 1999. In 2006 he was cast as the voice of Brock on Pokémon.


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    • Bill Rogers: When I worked on Tucker, I listened to the Japanese and he sounded very theatrical and proud. Occasionally on certain attacks he would get kinda vicious. I dunno why, but I kept hearing his English counterpart in my head as a cross between Jonathan Frakes and Kelsey Grammer. Broad, proud and just a little evil, Tucker remains one of my favorite characters. It's a darn shame he never reappears.

    • Bill Rogers: Now, the question is... if Bonsly is only available in Diamond at the Pokemon Mansion is there only one available per game, or can I grab multiples? I'd really like to get one to evolve into Sudowoodo and have another to just keep as a really powerful Bonsly. Or maybe create an army of Bonsly's (now that's a scary thought).

  • A decent voice actor, great range, but he lost his touch with some chars in DP...

    He's a very nice guy and he has great talent, for sure. I think he's a fine voice actor, but some of his roles just seem to have gotten worse over the years while his voice acting ability has gotten better. For instance, his Brock is fine when it comes to talking, not as good as Eric but I can't blame him for that, but when flirting and occasionally when Bill yells, it's too deep and doesn't sound like Takeshi or Mr. Stuart. Another role I think Bill did not do well on was the Magikarp Salesman: that was pretty bad. He does do good with Drew, Brock in BF, as well as Brock while talking in DP, and with his additional voices, and is a decent voice actor too.moreless
  • Bill Rogers is surprisingly talented, and very underrated considering the amazing variety, of vocals he can proform.

    When one looks over the roles Bill has played, they notice the sheer range of characters and vocals he can preform. From dubs like "His and Her Circumstances" and "Gravitation" to "Pokemon" he shows an incredible range of vocal talent.

    Especially in Pokemon, where he gets to preform more imaginative and creative voices for such Pokemon as Bonsly and Croagunk. Bill brings a level of life and vitality to all the characters he plays, while always keeping true to the spirit intended in the original.

    He is definitely one of the top voice-over artists in the field, and deserves much more recognition for his truly awesome works.moreless