Billi Bruno

Billi Bruno


7/20/1997, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Sarah Bruno



Also Known As

Billi Bruno
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When her two sisters auditioned for acting roles, she would tag along. She'd memorize their lines (sometimes even before they did), then plead with the casting agent: "Could I say my lines now?" Her parents finally gave in to her precocious proclivities and the rest, well, will one…more


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  • One of primetime's coolest!

    I've been impressed with Billi's talent since my first episode of "According To Jim". I was curious about the show after seeing a commercial so I watched episode 5, "Unruly Spirits". This adorable star had a fan in me from that night on.

    Now going into her fifth year of the sitcom, Billi still impresses me as much as that first night. As a matter of fact, she quickly became my favorite actress. She is funny, cute, and just a joy to watch on the show. In a lot of sitcoms the kids really don't make an impression. They are often times pushed to the background in favor of adult stars. ATJ, on the other hand, seems to treat Billi (and her co-stars) very well. Every year Billi's character "Gracie" is given a focus episode; a chance for the actress to really shine. So far she's had 4 (Unruly Spirits, No Harm No Foul, No Crime But Punishment, and Spelling Bee) and those four are in my opinion some of the show's best episodes.

    On the show Billi plays a bit of a trouble-maker. She is often times seen picking on her Uncle Andy (Larry Joe Campbell). The two bicker as though they are siblings as opposed to being a generation apart. Those scenes are a part of the show that I have always loved. She does such an amazing job!

    If you haven't gotten a chance to see Ms. Bruno in action, I suggest tuning in to ATJ. She is a shining star who has the potential to go far in show business.moreless