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  • We obviously don't want Billie off of our tv screens so...

    We obviously don't want Billie off of our tv screens so we should have 'The Billie Piper Show'. She could be interviewing celebrities and giving singing performences every week.

    I would certainly tune in, I'd record it and I'd make it one of my favourite TV shows.

    We need Billie on Dr Who again, Journey's End better not have been her last appearence, if it was then...ARRGGHHH! They obviously is a way to get her back, it can't be definate that she is away for good.

    Due to Catherine Tate's departure, Billie didn't have a good enough farewell and it was annoying that Catherine got the spotlight.

    Billie Rules!
  • Don't know why she is off Dr Who!

    I wished that she was still on Dr Who as
    She added spunk and more humanity as well as stability
    To Dr Who and the main character himself. Hope that she
    Will do a good show or maybe even a movie after leaving the show. Will miss her though. Great actress with tons and tons of potential!
  • Needs to be given more when she finishes on Dr. Who

    When first hearing of the name "Billie" way back in time you thought of her in music and that was it she was good at it. But now she's grown and has gone to acting. Some singers try to but can't accomplish it. Billie did it brilliantly. She is supposed to be leaving Dr. Who when this series is over I hope she doesn't. If she does then she needs to be given more stuff as she is a really talented actress. So people who write shows and need female stars think and remember the name of her "Billie Piper."
  • Spunky actress for Doctor Who!

    I have not heard any of Billie Piper's music, but I have enjoyed her work as "Rose Tyler" on the new Doctor Who. I read that her character is the first Doctor Who companion to have an already dominant personality. Billie Piper seems to be pretty accomplished for someone as young as she is. When I first watched the new Doctor Who, I enjoyed Billie Piper's work greatly. She is funny, beautiful, energetic and fun. She has appeared in television and film in Great Britain after ending her pop music career. It looks like that Billie Piper crossed over to a new world. We haven't seen the last of this diva.
  • great

    I really like her as Rose on the new Dr Who, she conveys both strentgh and ingenuity as well as innocence, and avery humen perpesctive to the Dr, and she is a charming pretty young lady and a very good actress, I would like to see more of her in differant types of roles
  • A Brief History of Billie Piper.

    The BBC launched the new "Dr Who" in 2005.
    When they did, they launched Billie as the best ever 'Dr' companion. A feisty heroine, Rose, with attitude and modern intelligence: a joy to watch on screen. But who is Billie piper?

    Billie Piper was born in Swindon, England, UK, on 22nd September 1982. She has a brother Charlie and two sisters, Harley and Ellie.

    An interest in acting led her to enrol at the Sixth Sense theatre company in 1990, which led to acting roles in several television commercials and an episode of “EastEnders”. More studies at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London followed.

    When Billie was chosen as a spokes model for the British pop music magazine Smash Hits in 1997, scouts for the new Virgin Records subsidiary, Innocent Records, spotted her and signed her to their label.

    Her first single, Because We Want To, propelled Billie to the status of the youngest solo artist to debut at number one on the UK charts. With the help of the follow-up number one single Girlfriend and the release of her debut album, Honey To The B, Billie named the UK's Pop Princess and Best Female Star at that year's Smash Hits Poll Winners party.

    Billie took a break from singing when she married media mogul Chris Evans in 2001, but recently relaunched her acting career with a string of critically acclaimed performances in projects such as “The Canterbury Tales” and “Bella and the Boys”. Now divorced from Chris she has other exciting BBC projects about to happen.
    She will return in series 2 of new "Dr Who" in 2006.

    She is well worth watching, as her talent is bound to get bigger, she has so much energy and has a unique sparkle in her eyes, so watch out for this new star.