Billy Boyd

Billy Boyd


8/28/1968, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Birth Name

William Boyd


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Billy Boyd was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1968. He was inspired by Star Wars to try acting. He got his first taste of it in his school's production of Oliver Twist when he was 10. Boyd's parents were extremely supportive, driving over two hours to get him…more


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    • Billy: I love making films in Scotland, and I wish there were more Scottish stories being told – they don't have to be Braveheart. I like watching little films ... sometimes French ... just slices of life. I loved what Bill Forsyth did with Gregory's Girl, or Local Hero, and I'd love to direct that sort of little bit quirky thing, real life but cranked up just a couple of notches.

    • Billy: I think I have a gift ... but I haven't really opened that gift yet and given it to myself.

    • Billy: Hobbits are a lot like Scots. It's all about nature and enjoying their land, which is a very Scottish thing.

    • Billy (on the bond between the four hobbit-actors): We're really good friends. We spent last New Year together. Sean's married and has children, so he has other things that he has to do, but me, Dom, and Elijah all spent New Year in the borders of Scotland and England.

    • Billy: People love the movies and they just get excited when they see someone from them, no matter who it is. It's always positive.

    • Billy: As a person, living in New Zealand for a year and a half has changed me as well. In some ways, I feel Hobbit-y , you know?

    • Billy: Working as a bookbinder, I had put covers on "The Lord of the Rings," but I never read it. It was just too big. I finally read it when I knew I was playing Pippin and realized that really it is all about Pippin and some other people!

    • Billy: My worst habit is whistling while I sleep.

    • Billy: Strangely enough, the first time I tried to read the book The Lord of the Rings I was on holiday in Florida. I dropped it in the pool my first day there. If that's not a Pippin thing to do, I don't know what is.