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  • Musician / Song Writer / Actor.

    Firstly i had to look at your Biography and its very impressive to say the least, i never knew your name only by your recognizable face, but always saw you TV shows & Movies.

    Even on two of my Favorites "Rizzoli and Isles", "Fringe", & even "Party Of Five" & that Fantastic Movie "After Image".

    Then i found out your TV Debut was on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" season - 3 episode - 5 Second Skin. You played Ari, that was a Cardassian episode, no wonder i never recognized you. (I'll Have To Watch That Again).

    You write songs & played in two bands & while shooting "Revolution" your still writing songs, i'm wondering if there is any way i could hear some off your music. (Why Can I Find It).

    I wish you all the best Billy Burke in whatever you do and of course i will be watching "Revolution".