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  • An annoying actor....

    Actor Bill Campbell (often credited as William O. Campbell or William Campbell), B-ranked-famous for various roles, just annoys me all around. No matter what I seem him in, whether it is failing to be an evil abusive husband in the awful "Enough," failing to be a convincing military man in the otherwise good "Gettysburg" and "Gods And Generals," failing at being a cool Texan-in-London in the otherwise great "Dracula," or failing to be a likable hero in the otherwise great "The Rocketeer," Campbell bugs me - even his guest appearances on two of my all-time favorite shows, "Frasier" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (of which he lost out to Jonathan Frakes for the role of Riker - THANKFULLY or we would have had 7 seasons and 4 films of this guy!) are examples of pure Hollywood-style arrogance, smarm, and irritation. Brace yourself when you see his name in the credits.
  • Bill Campbell on "The 4400"

    Bill Campbell plays Jordan Collier on the TV show "The 4400". We don't get to see him until halfway through season one, but it seemed like automatically I didn't like his character. You could tell he was going to be one of the bad guys. I always knew there was some ulterior reason behind this fascinating Jordan Collier. He is one of those characters that you love to hate. I loved him. He played the bad role really well. And the long hair thing worked for him. The beard was beginning to be a bit much but it worked for him. His biography said he played in the O.C. I don't remember seeing him. I guess I have to watch it again.