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  • An annoying actor....

    Actor Bill Campbell (often credited as William O. Campbell or William Campbell), B-ranked-famous for various roles, just annoys me all around. No matter what I seem him in, whether it is failing to be an evil abusive husband in the awful "Enough," failing to be a convincing military man in the otherwise good "Gettysburg" and "Gods And Generals," failing at being a cool Texan-in-London in the otherwise great "Dracula," or failing to be a likable hero in the otherwise great "The Rocketeer," Campbell bugs me - even his guest appearances on two of my all-time favorite shows, "Frasier" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (of which he lost out to Jonathan Frakes for the role of Riker - THANKFULLY or we would have had 7 seasons and 4 films of this guy!) are examples of pure Hollywood-style arrogance, smarm, and irritation. Brace yourself when you see his name in the credits.