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  • One of the few comdian's who doesn't work with a script, who just goes out there and talks and some how it's funny.

    The best comdian in the world, I think. This is a man who came from a background of being a welder in Glasgow, and yet it was his love of music that made him get out there and do something different. His music was what made him be who he is today. However he wasn't very good at remembering the lyrics, and wound up telling amusing stories to the audience about what the song was all about. That appears to what made him a comidian; he continued to tour about with his band and the musical score became less important with more people wanting to hear from Billy.
    He's the son of Glasgow, The Big Yin and in a way he's put Glasgow on the map.
    In his own right he has come through the tirbulant times of his past and he's at a brilliant place right now.
    All hail the Big Yin!