Billy Drago





9/18/1949 , Hugoton, Kansas, USA

Birth Name

Billy Eugene Burrows




Billy Drago, a versatile American actor was born on September 18th, 1949 in Hugoton, Kansas, USA. He was originally born Billy Eugene Burrows. Some of his earlier career choices include a stuntman and radio show host. The name Drago was actually his mother's maiden name. He went on to study at the University of Kansas. His acting career took off in films like Windwalker, No Other Love and Cutter's Way. He also made some headway into television and appeared in numerous shows, some of which included Walker Texas Ranger, Hill Street Blues and Trapper John, M.D. he has primarily been typecast into roles that portray him as villain. From 1998, he was a regular on the hit TV show Charmed, in which he played the recurring Villain Barabas. He was of mixed ethnicity, namely Romanian Gypsy and Apache Indian. His son was the famous actor Darren Burrows. He was married to the late Silvana Gallardo, an acclaimed actress.