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  • Billy Drago... *sigh* Where to begin.

    I have only seen Billy's performance on charmed, one of my favourite series, but judging by his appearances there, I just can't understand how he even got a roll on the show. He is probably the worst actor I have ever seen, and all he seems to manage to do I stand and look down his nose in an over-dramatic manner. Everything he says sounds wrong and like he makes himself say it. It doesn't come natural for him.

    For me it is a mystery that anyone likes him and that they brought him back on Charmed 7 times. 7 times! It's unbelievable, and I pray that he will never be back for another episode.
  • Billy Drago is the best insane actor ever, period.

    Billy Drago is considered by several of my friends and I to be the most amusing actor to view on the planet. Drago plays the ultimate, insane drug lord/terrorist type characters in many a movie. Whatever he is in, he is probably evil, crazy, and a killer. Delta Force II with Chuck Norris has Drago in his best role as South American drug czar Ramon Koda. Other films where Drago supplies exceptional performances include, Shadow Warriors II (with Hulk Hogan!), Freeway (with Drago as a psycho who quotes the bible to radio talk shows and shoots motorists, not to be confused with Freeway starring Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland- a most excellent dark comedy with plenty of violence), Sci-Fighters (with Roddy Piper!), The Acting Class (this is the video where he and his wife teach you to act, it's crazy!), China White, Lost In Time (this is one of the world's best/worst movies ever! See my Drago movie reviews under "What is Best" at to learn more about Lost In Time and all his other films I have in my collection). Actors who Drago frequently appears with include Richard Lynch (he rocks! plays a good bad guy too!), Joe Lara (star of many a bad action flick), Cynthia Rothrock (If Chuck Norris was a chick he would be Cynthia Rothrock), and Frank Zagarino (another cheesy action flick star).
  • billy drago is my favourite actor, i got a fanclub page (but unfortunaly only in german yet) :

    there are many movies in which billy drago played u should have watched. first the old movies like "hollow point" (1988) "the untouchables" (1987) and "vamp" and there are some new ones too like "tremors 4".
    but i think one of his best roles anyway was in charmed. if u like to, visit my page even if its only available in german yet u could take a look at the pictures and the filmography if u like to
  • Creepy yet cool.

    Billy Drago as Barbas the Demon of Fear sent chills down my spine. He voice makes me go all tingly and I can see he is perfectly right for the part. When he first appeared I thought - a well spoken demon, he'll never last - but now he has made several spectacular returns i keep waiting for his next appearance to strike fear not only in the Charmed ones but also in myself. Acting as a demon who can tap into a person's deepest fear and use it against them cannot be an easy role to keep a straight, serious face about but Drago seems to manage it perfectly. A fine actor.