Billy Gardell

Billy Gardell


8/20/1969, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Billy Gardell


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Billy Gardell is a plus-sized comedian, but he has no problem poking fun at his weight. Gardell currently stars in the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Perfect match to Melissa Mccarthy on "Mike&Molly".

    Really funny. Love him on "Mike&Molly".
  • Local guy Billy Gardell paid his dues through stand up comedy and televison, and is finally recognizeable as a blue collar talent. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, either. How do I know this? I knew him when.moreless

    What can a fellow Pittsburghian say about another? Billy Gardell epitomizes what Pittsburgh, Pa, is and who Pittsburgh folk are.

    Billy Gardell was one of my heroes the minute I met him at the Funny Bone Comdey Club in Monroeville, Pa in the Fall of 1993. He was such a humbleand personable guy that it was easy to forget his star was on the rise. After more than a few laughs, we talked about the business, the sacrifices , and the odds. He told me he did indeed have nights where self doubt crept into his brain, and was quickly squashed by the notion that this was his chosen path. He's an easily accesible guy who clearly remembers his roots and attaches them to every performance.

    If there ever was a guy, a talent, who deserved to live the dream, it's Billy Gardell, and I'm proud to say I know him.

    Hey Billy, do they still cringe in Japan when you mention 'tequila'? (laughs)moreless