Billy Idol

Billy Idol


11/30/1955, Stanmore, Middlesex, England, UK

Birth Name

William Michael Albert Broad



Also Known As

Hard Rock Musician
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Billy Idol, hard rock musician, was born William Michael Albert Broad, on November 30th 1955, in Middlesex, England. Idol lived in Worthing, before attending Sussex University. He dropped out of school within a year, and joined joined the Bromley Contingent of keen Sex Pistols fans. It was during…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During the height of Idol's popularity in the eighties, Billy used to check into hotels under the pseudonyme 'William Alucard'. The last name is 'Dracula' backwards.

    • Billy Idol was arrested in Chigaco, for singing 'Rebel Yell' naked from a hotel balcony.

    • Amongst others, Billy Idol turned down the opportunity to record the theme song for the eighties cult classic film, The Breakfast Club. In 2001, Idol released his own take of Simple Minds' Don't You (Forget About Me).

    • Billy Idol wrote and recorded the 1987 song 'Sweet Sixteen', and filmed the music video in Coral Castle. The song was inspired by the tale of the builder, Leedskalnin, who built the castle because of his former love Agnes Scruffs. The video also reflects Leedskalnin's story.

    • Billy Idol was born William Michael Albert Broad. Idol took his stage name from a bad school-paper, on which his teacher wrote in the margins "Billy is Idle". Idol officially changed his name to 'Billy Idol' in 1976, at the age of 21.

    • After Billy's motorcycle accident in 1990, Billy got a steel rod inserted into his right leg.

    • When Billy was 7, his family returned to the UK from the US, to Dorking, Surrey from NYC. Upon their return, the Broad family lived above a pub named 'The Running Horses'.

    • Before Billy Idol become a solo act, he performed with bands Generation X and Chelsea.

    • In 2002, Billy Idol was about to perform as pre-match entertaiment for the Australian National Rugby League grand final in Sydney Stadium. Unforunately, prior to the performance, the power went out.

    • Billy Idol Discography: 1982's "Billy Idol", 1984's "Rebel Yell", 1986's "Whiplash Smile", 1990's "Charmed Life", 1993's "Cyberpunk", and 2005's "Devil's Playground".

    • Robin David Ludwig, aka Robin the Hammer, makes all of Billy Idol's jewellery, including rings, crosses, necklaces, astrological items, and assorted. Robin has been employed by Billy for over twenty years.

    • Billy Idol got his tattoo in March of 1982, the morning after the death of John Belushi, while hopped up on Tequila. The tattoo artist was Kevin Brady, and Billy recieved his tattoo in Los Angeles for $75. Billy describes his tattoo as an 'Amazon Brigette Bardot, Mata Hari spy-type person who vanquishes the foes of Oktobriana'.

    • Billy Idol's trademark image is spiky, peroxide blonde hair, coupled with an Elvis-like sneer.

    • The video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features Billy Idol's song 'White Wedding'. The song is available when the gamer listens to classic rock radio station K-DST for a while.

    • When son Willem was playing in Sherman Oaks Little League (about 98-99), Billy played guitar and sang the Star Spangled Banner solo from the pitcher's mound -- and segued it into 'White Wedding'. A radio station was around that day, but as far as I know there are no recordings!

    • Is a vegetarian- but still eats shellfish.

  • Quotes

    • Billy Idol: I wanted to record 'Mony Mony' because it was the first record I ever made love to.

    • Billy Idol: I love it when someone insults me. That means that I don't have to be nice anymore.

    • Billy Idol (after the motorcycle accident): Everybody got it wrong. I said I was into porn again, not born again.