Billy Kay





4/10/1984 , Long Island, New York

Birth Name

William Nathan Kay




On April 10, 1984 in Long Island, New York, William Nathan Kay was born. He was the first child of Brandon and Lynn Kay.

Some people are born into show business, some people are pushed into it - and others choose it. Then there are those like Billy, who literally have it in their blood.

Billy's theatrical lineage originated with his mother, Lynn, who was in the original Broadway production of "The Sound of Music." However, not content to rely on his heritage, Billy has persevered on his own. It was because of his intense desire and ambition to perform at a young age that Billy is in the spotlight today.

Currently, Billy is appearing in the popular CBS-TV daytime drama Guiding Light in which he portrays the rebellious teenager, Shayne Lewis. Billy has often had to delve deep into his inner-self to portray the sometimes-embattled Shayne. He can also be seen in the role of Gary in the film "L.I.E." which also stars the English actor Brian Cox.

Billy can also be seen in the film – "Time Share" – with Timothy Dalton and Nastassja Kinski. This film is show a lot on the Fox Family Channel.

Growing up in Huntington, Long Island, Billy started in show business by appearing in commercials, print ads and the feature film "Three Men and a Baby" at the ripe old age of six weeks. By the time he was six years old, he realized that he wanted to be an actor. As strange as this may seem, Billy claims, "Acting has always been my passion."

Billy's dream became a realization at the age of 11 when he appeared in the musical "Oliver" in which he played the Artful Dodger. He also appeared in the "The Wiz" and "Tommy."

Although he has a wonderful singing voice, Billy considers himself an actor who can sing too. His latest musical endeavor is a new CD entitled "Kids with Heart" which he recorded with other young people in the entertainment industry. The royalties earned by this CD will benefit various children's charities.

Billy has often been referred to as a "hot, young hunk" because of his talent and all-American blonde handsome good looks. This bi-coastal young actor continues to appear in film, television and theatre. His past credits are numerous – Films – "Alice," "Nathan Grimm," "Tom's Journey," "The Magic of Marciano," and last summer "The Newcomer" – Television Shows – "Zoya," "The XY Files," "The Invisible Man," etc. – Stage – "The Sound of Music," "The Prince and the Pauper," "What Use of Flowers," "Anna Deavere Smith," etc. Billy also appeared in the Mariah Carey Christmas video entitled "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and in the recording for "Prince and the Pauper."

Although Billy has an easygoing manner and magnetic personality, he is quite serious when it comes to his acting. He is what many casting directors call a "natural."

When not appearing on stage or before the camera, Billy enjoys singing, dancing and playing the drums. He is a gifted and talented artist and has a huge collection of valuable comic books. In his leisure time, Billy works with The Leukemia Society, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and many other charities. He also enjoys in-line skating, baseball, basketball and, especially lacrosse.

While Billy is delighted to be working in daytime drama, he looks forward to utilizing his creative talents in all areas of the entertainment industry. There is no doubt that with his talent, enthusiasm and physical appeal, Billy will be one to emerge as one of the top young stars of the new millennium. But until that happens, Billy is happy with how is life and career is going. And when he gets his free time he enjoys residing in Long Island with his friends and family.

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