Billy Miller (VI)

Billy Miller (VI)


9/17/1979, Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Birth Name

William John Miller



Also Known As

Billy J. Miller
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Billy is an American soap opera actor, raised in Grand Prairie, TX. He started working on daytime in 2007 when he joined the cast of ABC's soapAll My Children as Richie Novak, but was let go the year after. Before finishing his work on the soap, Billy was…more


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    • Billy: (when asked if it was easy joining the cast of All My Children) They made it really easy. Everybody is really really anxious to welcome you in and give you a shot. It's funny, Michael Knight, when I first got there, walked in and slapped me on the back and said, "Sit down kid, let me tell you...these people are so much fun, there's no ego. Relax, and you're gonna have a lot of fun here," and he was right.

  • This young, charismatic, extremely talented young man was not written into the show enough. Excellent presence, convincing, impressionable and as my sister-in-law used to say about Ricky Nelson , "easy on the eyes".moreless

    So is Billy gone for good? If the network has half a brain, they will create a non-evil role for him to play. Don't think the bad boy image is his gig and he his charismatic light will shine even brighter when placed in the appropriate role. W A K E UP CASTING DIRECTORS! You are going to look back and say, "yeah, maybe we should have listened." Just maybe you should listen to your viewers. Replacing him with this lesbian CRAP, is disgusting. I don't have issues with gay people. Howevever, it is infiltrating too much of prime time TV!moreless