Billy Parrott

Billy Parrott

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Billy Parriott, Billy Parrot, Bill Parrott
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  • I'm not sure of his birth date, due to non information found on various sites, I personally think that he is very talented,.....I'm trying to find more information about him, because, he is very experienced in acting, in my opinion, and that deserves recomoreless

    Billy/Bill Parrott in the past, was once known as Shane McKay of Degrassi Junior High, and Degrassi High...As far as I know, he won't be returning in the late Degrassi:The Next Generation...somebody else played his role in 'Father Figure' I could tell, because they don't look alike, except for the hair color...........He just may have what it takes to become a very well-known and saught for actor...I'm not saying he's not already, but what can a girl suspect when there's barely any information about him anywhere?.....unless of course, that was done on purpose.....Well, He has many other roles on various television shows and movies, including...The Pact....there's alot more, butI can't think right now, well there you go, a possitive review for Bill Parrott.moreless