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    • Musician.

      Starts 3 year jail term for bail violation [4 November 1997]

      Played keyboards on the Beatles' album 'Let It Be'. His most memorable performance is on the track "Get Back".

      Recieved a Kidney transplant in 2002.

      Remained close to George Harriosn until his death in 2001.

      Began performing with Mahalia Jackson when he was just 10 years old.

      Perormed his piano solo on the beatles' son "Get back" at the legendary roof-top concert, their last performance togeather.

      While he was never considered for permanent membership in The Beatles (despite stories to the contrary), he did continue his involvment with theam through the end of the 1960s. Preston released two solo albums through apple records (The Beatles'label), collabrated with George Harrison on "All Things Must Pass" and The Concert for Bangladesh (1972), and later appeared in the all-star beatles tribute Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts Club Band (1978), as the title character Sgt Pepper.

      Sometimes labeled The Fifth Beatle.

      Was invited by George Harrison to join The beatles (whom he'd met on tour years erlier) in the studio, as they filmed and recorded Let It Be (1970). The reasongiven was because the project was being done live, without overdubs, and they wanted a second keyboardist; his soulful style would complement the rhythm-and-blues songs they'd grown up on (and were reaching back to) Perfectly. Another reason for his presence was to buffer the tensions growing among the Beatles, since filming began; everyone laid aside their differences to make Preston feel welcome at the sessions.

      His mother was Ernestine wade, who played Sapphire Stevens on the "Amos 'n' Andy" TV show in the 1950's

      Had two #1 hits on Billboard's pop charts: "Will It Go Eound In Circles" (debuted 31 March 1973; #1 for 2 weeks; 22 weeks on the charts) and "Nothing From Nothing (debuted 13 July 1974; one week at #1 18 weeks on the charts).

    • Was good friends with George Harrison.

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