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  • This man is amazing

    I thoroughly enjoy Billy's voice-acting and the characters that he portrays! He can switch his voice at the tip of a hat, and not a whole lot of voice actors are able to do that. I mean, the guy plays almost all of the main male protagonists on Futurama, and he voices BOTH Ren and Stimpy.

    He's a voice-acting legend, and I'm honored to have him play characters from my childhood.
  • Nicktoon's verson of Jason Griffth

    Why is it that CatDog still airs I mean Billy is the reson why nicktoon network is Nicktoons Crap work

    & he also did Mushu from House of Mouse thats so sad for him

    Billy isn't allow to voice Rancid, Sunshine, Mushu, Kyle, or any negitive role what so ever.

    Beat Billy we hate you.
  • Billy West is the God of cartoon voices. Looking back now on all the cartoons that I loved while growing up... hell the ones that I love now too, Billy was always there. Even commercials. This man is crazy awesome talented. Billy West is the Best!

    So many shows and just one man. I can't even begin to make a list of all of the cartoons that Billy made so great. Futurama, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, Doug, Oblongs, Fairly Odd Parents... and more. He's the Cheerio's bee, he's an M&M, he's Looney Toons characters. There's no limit to the magnificent things this man can do with his voice. I hope he continues to lend his talent to people like myself and continue to make characters as memoriable as he has been doing. Once again, Billy West is the best. Yay Futurama! Sorry, but I really love that show.
  • The God!!!

    Billy west is one of the best voice actors I know. This guy`s voice is increible and ill do anything for it. He did the voice of Ren and Stimpy on The Ren And Stimpy Show. He also did the voice of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd on the Looney tune movies. I dont know many other shows he did but he did lots of shows that I like and there plenty of other shows that I didnt say that he played yet. I dont know what else to say but Billy west is te god. What ever he is doing right now, I wish him the best of luck.
  • This guy is so talented as he plays 4 or more characters in Futurama... Such a legend !!!

    Billy West (What A Legend) made the shows he stars in worth watching. His voice is extremely pleasing to the ear and he brings his characters to live unlike anyone else I know. I recently watched Futurama and when i heard him play Fry's, Mushus's and The Vice President's voice i wanted to be their best friends... almost made me wish that guys today were a lot like him, no matter how dense that may be. Conclusion: Billy West (What A Legend) brings his characters to life unlike anyone else... at least that I can think of at the moment.
  • Can't wait for his great voice on the new episodes of Futurama!!!

    I had no idea how many roles Billy has done. He is really talented. I'm going to go through each of this roles he starred in I know and give my opionion. As Fry on Futurama I thought he was made for the role. He gives the perfect "Who cares" attitude that as a fellow 20th Centery slacker would say things. His slacker attitude reminds me of him in the 20th centery a very great deal. He perfected that role and it's his best. As the Professer in Futurama again liked the voice not crazy about the role. He gave the "old coot" voice down to a perfection but thankfully I can't relate to that one. Oh I loved Zoidberg but I wonder how different actours would have taken that voice because that one could have gone a million different ways. The way he did it was pretty good. Zapp Branigan on Futurama oh he got that cocky voice down perfectly. I don't know how someone can in the same movie or tv show play so many roles. Reminds me of Mike Judge on Beavis and Butthead. And Leo Wong Amy's dad very overlooked role but the "make grandchildren for us now now now" dialoge with chinsese or "Mars" accent was perfect and yet not the least offending because he didn't overdo the accent. And last his roles as Doug and Roger on the early episodes of Doug. Brilliant. They are so oppopsite roles it took a very smart mind to get those down like he did. I want millions more roles for him and I only wish him my bestest of luck.
  • he has lots of very good television roles

    he was the voice of doug funnie from doug stimpy from ren and stimpy fry from futurama wow great roles for this guy he is better than tom kenny and will alyways be his voice is a bit southern i think this guy is in his 50s which must make him the oldest television voice legend
  • The man of a thousand voices.(other than Mel Blanc!)

    Wow. Billy West, what an amazing actor. He usually does great cartoon voices, including Stimpy, ZIM(pilot), and my favorite, Fry, the Proffesor, and Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama. I can connect with this guy because I too can do amazing voices and impersonations like him. Right now, I do a good Dr. Zoidberg, Ren Hoek, Dr. Evil, multiple characters from The Simpsons, and more. I hope to be an amazing voice actor just like him when I get older. I wonder what else is in store for Mr. West because this guy is awesome! Three cheers for Billy West! May he dazzle us with many voices forever more!
  • Whats Next for Billy West?

    He has done a bunch of shows i am a big fan of. Like Futurama, Doug (I am not a very big fan of Doug, but i am suprised he is on it) The oblongs, i can't think of anything else. but there is alot more he has done. I know it. Whats Next?
  • Amazing! How does he do those excellent voices.

    This guy has done loads of different voices, and mainly the good ones! He did Doug, Ren, Stimpy, and other fantastic voices. I didn't even know he did all of those, and for me not to know, he most certainly is good at different voices! This man is amazing, and I can only imagine how he does his job so well. This man deserves his own televison show, because you don't run across great voice actors like this every day. I hope to hear his voice in other upcoming cartoons, because this guy isn't just a actor, he is a legend!
  • One of the Best Voice Actors... Ever?

    Billy West has lended his voice to so many television shows, commercials and movies (from characters on "Futurama" to Looney Tunes cartoons to the Honeynut Cheerios bee and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) and it's rare he ever uses the same voice twice, for two or more different characters (unlike Seth MacFarlane on "Family Guy").

    Billy (born Willam R. West in Detroit Michigan) started doing voice work in the early '90s as the main character on Nickelodeon "Doug." The same year "Doug" started, he began doing the voice of Stimpy (and others) on the surreal hit Nick show "Ren & Stimpy." This was about the time I thought, "Man, this guy is really talented, with all the voices he can do," even as a child. I still try to find time to catch reruns of "Doug" and "The Woody Woodpecker Show" - not just because "his" shows are hilarious - simply because he chooses the best shows to work on, and he rarely ever repeats the same (exact) voice. Brilliant.
  • He's a great voice actor.

    Billy West has done the voices for characters such as Doug from the TV show "Doug" and Philip J. Fry and more in "Futurama". He does great voicing all these people, but could use some improvement on some of the voices. Nevertheless, he does his job well. Overall, a great voice actor with a few flaws.
  • Billy West

    Billy West is one of the great actors that did lots of voices of cartoon characters. He and Joe Alaskey can impersonate the late Mel Blanc for Looney Toons shows such as Bugs Bunny and others. Billy West did a good job on Philip J Fry, Proffesor Hubert Farnsworth, Doctor John Zoidberg, Zapp Brannigan and Nixon's head and a few others in Futurama. The only cartoon he doesn't do is The Simpsons but he will probably be in The Simpsons in the future possibly reprising his role of Fry if they have a Simpsons and Futurama crossover.
  • Billy west

    Billy west is cool he does the sound of fry.well hes cool,hes cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool coll cool cool cool hes da man hes smart hes awesome ladys and genterman i bring you da star hes cool he does the sound of fry everybody heres billy west.
  • When I hear the name, Billy West, I automatically think about the nicktoon, Doug. That was the first time I heard his voice. When Futarama came on the air, I saw Billy West listed under the voice actors. I already knew, without a doubt that his voice went

    Billy West made the shows he stars in worth watching. His voice is extremely pleasing to the ear and he brings his characters to live unlike anyone else I know.

    I recently watched Futurama and his voice made me want to Fry's best friend... almost made me wish that guys today were a lot like him, no matter how dense that may be.

    Conclusion: Billy West brings his characters to life unlike anyone else... at least that I can think of at the moment.
  • I have always enjoyed this man's work

    I've always been a fan of Doug and Futurama, so you can see how I rate Mr. West so highly. He has a wide range and the ability to create many memorable and distinct characters, a sign of a true great. Hopefully his workload will begin to pick up more, as he doesn't seem to be employed nearly as much as some other VAs. Anyway, I wish Billy West every success in the future...he deserves it.
  • Billy West, star of Futurama, Ren & Stimpy and many more shows that has the best voices thanks to this man.

    This man is full of decensy, funny and words im running out of. Anyway Billy West has the best voices to keep. Ive also heared that hes a good drummer/singer or something.
    "How can you tell theres a drummer on your door?
    The knock keeps speeding up!"(Joke heared in Futurama "The Problem with Popplers" commentary) In conclution hes one of the best Voice-Overs/Actor known to mankind and to some monkey-kind.
  • Billy West is one of the greatest voice actors ever. I only wish he and other talented vocal artists were given the credit they so sorely deserve.

    Billy West is one of the greatest voice actors of our time. He has done so many voices on so many programs and commercials and games and hear his voice so often on tv I have really started to become accustomed to it. However, even though I hear his voice so often and really try to follow his work, I even miss a new voice or so that I hear because of his limitless talent! He has the ability to transform himself through his voice into this characters so completely that he ceases to be himself and has, in essence, become that figure, if only for that time.

    I hate the plight of voice actors, truely talented people, who's jobs are being taken from them through the use of film actors wanting to leave a legacy behind or used for marketing. The movie industry must think we as audience members are either very shallow or very stupid or both as if we cannot choose to like something on our own, but have to be coerced by flashy names and sparkling reviews. Or perhaps they just lack creativity to create programing that can carry itself. *shrug*