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  • TTOW!

    BJ, the dark haired one of The Hippies, was one of my favorite contestants on the 2006 The Amazing Race. The other favorite was Tyler! Yes, I am a Hippie-lover.

    These two guys were just so friendly and funny; they faced all their challenges with a smile, and were (generally) always nice. Sure, there were times when they had to be a little sneaky, but that's just the nature of the game that they were in, and if they wanted to win, they had to fight for it.

    The only time that I saw BJ lose heart was when he was digging for food on the beach in Oman in that one episode; the heat and the frustration of not finding the buried food when everyone else had got to him, and he was almost ready to give up. But he kept going, and it's a good thing he did!

    Other than that, I think BJ (and Tyler) both showed their true colors when they happily carried on even though they'd lost all their money and possessions, twice. They went out and just talked to people, and got more money (and clothes and food), and that says a lot about BJ's character! He's just a super-nice guy and finally proves that nice guys ~do~ win!moreless