Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath


12/19/1969, Birmingham, England

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Black Sabbath


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Group members Terry "Geezer" Butler (b. 17 July 1949, Birmingham, England; bass), Tony Iommi (b. Anthony Frank Iommi, 19 February 1948, Birmingham, England; guitar), Bill Ward (b. 5 May 1948, Birmingham, England; drums) and Ozzy Osbourne (b. John Osbourne, 3 December 1948, Aston, Birmingham, England; vocals) were originally…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • THE heavy metal band!

    Once long ago, a young man known as Tony Iommi wanted to start a blues rock band. He was a guitarist. Unfortunately, he was still young and needed a job, so he worked in a sheet metal factory. Factory can be very dangerous, and Tony would learn that after he sliced off two of his fingertips. Unfortunately, those fingertips were on his strumming hand. Tony thought the only path was to quit guitar.

    After speaking with a jazz musician who told him to keep going no matter what happened to his fingers, Tony decided to go on with his guitar. He needed a few modifications though. Fake fingertips were a must, and to ease the strain on his fingers, he downtuned his guitar, creating a bluesy but heavier sound.

    Tony then formed his blues rock band, first known as "Earth" but later changed to Black Sabbath. They were definitely heavier than most blues rock bands, and utilized lyrics about society and the occult, which would be building blocks for the many heavy metal lyrics of bands to come after them.

    Black Sabbath went on for years, surviving many lineup changes. To this day they are still considered the most important band in metal, and one of the most important bands in rock. neither genres would be the same without the crushing riffs and general mystical horror of Black Sabbath. One of the most enjoyable and meaningful bands to listen to.moreless
  • The original heavy-metal band!

    Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands of all time, and it is also my favorite heavy metal band of all time. Ozzy Osbourne has such a unique voice that just defines this band. Some of my favorite songs of theirs include Paranoid, Wasp / Behind The Wall Of Sleep / Bassically / N.I.B., and Iron Man. My favorite album of theirs is Black Box. That is a classic. One think that bothers me though is that a lot of their songs are about satan. Maybe that's why Ozzy has been called a satan worshiper (notice that I didn't capatilize the S :P), but other than that, this band is awesome.moreless