Blackie Lawless

Blackie Lawless


9/4/1956, New York U.S.A.

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    • Blackie Lawless: I care dearly for this country [USA]. I do love this country. I spend enough time overseas to realize that as bad as it is it's still probably about the best thing going. What kills me though is when I know it can be better.

    • Blackie Lawless: F*** political correctness, that went down with the World Trade Center.

    • Blackie Lawless: I was raised very religious. I always went to church. I am Jewish bloodline but I am Christian faith. I was brought up christian faith rather. I still have very deep beliefs in God and things like that but I don't subscribe to the organized religion that I grew up with.

    • Blackie Lawless: People that are after political gain; they don't give a damn about censorship. They are only interested in what they want, so they're trying to manipulate folks in a similar sense to get what they want.

    • Blackie Lawless: In all honesty, whether its politicians, actors, musicians-- any sort of performer-- I'll be brutally honest with you, they are all people that are looking to get that little hug every night from 10,000 people that they just couldn't get anywhere else.

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