Blair Butler

Blair Butler


6/28/1978, Fairway, Kansas

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^I Need Drink^ Girl, Drunk Writer
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Once only known to fans of X-Play as the sunglass wearing, cigarette smoking, rot gut wiskey holding "I Need Drink" drunk writer, Blair Butler has become more of a on-screen personality at G4. With her weekly "Fresh Ink" comic segment on Attack of the Show, continued guest apperances…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Blair appears on the cover of DC Comics' Booster Gold #23 (October 09). It is a full photo of her wearing a Booster Gold Fan Club T-Shirt.

    • Blair hosts a pod cast called Fresh Ink on the G4 website. It is similar to her segment on Attack of the Show, it includes more detail on comics she reviewed on the show as well as comics that were cut for time for the original show.

    • At Comic Con 07, Blair was inducted as an honorary member of the 501st Legion. The 501st is an organization of Star Wars fans devoted to making realistic detailed costumes of Imperial uniforms and are highly involved in charity work.

    • Television Appearances for shows not listed at
      G4 2008
      Comic Con 08 - Host
      Comic Con 08 Preview Show - Host

      Comic Con 07 - Host
      E3 07 Live - Co-Host

      2006 Comic Con 06 - Host
      E3 06 Live - Co-Host

    • In 2000, Butler was a featured performer at the Chicago Comedy Festival.

    • Blair's enjoys video games with zombies in them. Her all time favorite video game is Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo Game Cube.

    • Blair is known around the G4 offices as the "Comics Guru".

    • Blair is very vocal and frequently blames the fall of comic books in the 90s on people like comic artist Rob Liefeld - Artists who created comic characters with no ankles and had women characters as being more sexual than character driven.

    • Butler was one of the performers at the 2004 re-opening of the Purple Onion comedy club in San Francisco, California. The Purple Onion was one of the clubs frequented by controversial comic Lenny Bruce and claims to be the place that Phyllis Diller first performed.

    • Blair's father is Star film critic Robert Butler.

    • Although Butler's character of Drunk Writer on X-play always has a cigarette, Butler does not smoke in real life.

    • For two years, Butler was a Senior
      Writer for the show X-Play on the G4 network.

    • Butler has been featured on Comedy Central's Premium Blend - Episode 905 which also featured Dan Ahdoot, Kyle Cease and Mario DiGiorgio.

    • Blair has recently been promoted at the G4 network as a creator of shows at the network.

    • Butler is best known as playing the character "Drunk Writer" on the video game review show X-Play. Her character always has a bottle of beer, a cigarette, sunglasses and wears a T-shirt reading "I Need Drink".

  • Quotes

    • Blair: I'm like a paid regular at the Comedy Store. My name is painted on the wall, in the back, near the gutter, I think right below Howie Mandel's. But still it's nice.

    • Blair: Sure Dance Dance Revolution looks like fun, but where are the zombies?

    • Blair: In Psi-Ops, you can make the guys with shotguns commit suicide when you possess them. Gnarly.

    • Blair: No Superheroes should wear orange. Orange is a horrible color, when you're saving people.

    • Blair: I think there's a sort of weird symbiotic relationship with Hollywood right now. Comic books, the way they're laid out, that visual medium, they're so conducive to, admittedly, horrible movies.

  • Blair Butler is a true geek goddess!

    Blair Butler is a true geek goddess. She knows comics and how to review them. It is a rare sight to find such hot geek as her. The fresh ink segment is one of the many high points of AOTS. Her skits on X-Play were always memorable. I am excited to get a chance to catch some of her stand up. She was also a great co-host on attack of the show. On the sad days we do not have Olivia, I beg you AOTS never again allow Alison Hairlip Co-host again. We want to see more Blair Butler.moreless