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    • Blair Underwood: (On the definition of Charm) Charm is finding the beauty in the woman you're talking to. . .When you find the beauty in the woman you're talking to, it makes you light up inside. That's charm.

    • Blair Underwood: (talking about his role in "Golden Blaze") The message behind the film would be to love your family, and love your father because the end of the story the little boy who loves his father but he's embarrassed by him because he's a nerd and he's a geek and not cool like some of the other fathers and he becomes the Golden Blaze and then he becomes cool but, more than anything, it's about strengthening the relationship and the bond of parent to child.

    • Blair Underwood: My favorite superhero was this old Japanese black and white live action show that very few people remember, but lots of people remember Ultra Man. It was Ultra Man. It was the one that came on before that. It was John Sokko and his giant robot. I wanted to be Johnny Sokko and I wanted my own giant robot because Johnny Sokko would open up his watch and he would talk to the robot in a nearby building across town and the rooftop would open up and the giant robot, which was like 40 feet high would fly out and save the world.

    • Blair Underwood: I guess I've done about 5 or 6 audio books in the past and I do the animated voice for a show called "Fatherhood" on Nickelodeon. So it's just shifting gears, this is what it is, the voice over, a hat you put on right now as opposed to worrying about going through wardrobe, and having to look a certain way. You just got to let your voice do the talking for you.

    • Blair Underwood: It's so easy to sell your soul or sell out or cop out, and what it really comes down to is choices. If you have some kind of game plan, or at least a faith in your ability, it doesn't matter if this town validates you or not because you're already validated by your gifts. I just try to stay focused on what I have to offer.