Blake Berris

Blake Berris


8/24/1984, Santa Monica, California, USA

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Blake Berris


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Born on August 24, 1984 in Santa Monica, California, Blake Everett Berris always knew he wanted to be a performer when he grew up. Berris attended and graduated from UCLA with a bachelor of art's degree from the School of Theater, Film, and TV. He also spent some…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Blake is a huge supporter of President Barack Obama and participated in the Boxers or Briefs for Obama campaign.

    • Berris and co-star Rachel Melvin are close friends in real life and have kept in touch since his departure from Days of our Lives.

    • Blake's father, Ken Berris, is a director.

    • Blake graduated from UCLA in three years.

    • Blake was nominated in the Best Younger Male Lead category for the 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards.

    • Blake is both a founding member and a playwright for The Groundwork Ensemble theater group. This theater group aims to produce three plays each year.

    • Blake participated in water polo and swimming in high school and was a CIF Championship three out of four years. He makes a point to swim on a weekly basis.

  • Quotes

    • Blake Berris: (on working with Emmy-winner Suzanne Rogers) I had a great time working with Suzanne, especially a lot of the juicier stuff at the end. She's just one of those phenomenal actresses who are incredible to work with.

    • Blake Berris: (about his last day on the set of DAYS) People came up to me and said some really beautiful things to me. It was a great day.

    • Blake Berris: (about President Obama) I'm really excited about the change President Obama is going to bring. He's an icon for the rest of the world and for us here in America. He has shattered so many stereotypes and notions, not only as an African-American, but as an American.

    • Blake Berris: (on working with Debra Messing) It was a blast actually! Debra was great. We did a lot of bickering in our scenes which was fun. We would do improv to warm up for our scenes. I was really surprised to hear it got cancelled. It was a fun show.

    • Blake Berris: (on his future) As long as I'm being challenged, I do anything to be happy. I'm really interested in doing independent film. I always want to keep doing theater, so you know, absolutely. Those are definitely mediums I want to explore as well.

    • Blake Berris: (about the Days of our Lives Best Drama Series Nomination) I am so proud of everyone at DAYS. They have been dealt some tough cards lately and this validation really is a testament to the work ethic over there.

    • Blake Berris: (on learning about his Emmy nomination) I got a call from Rachel [Melvin] in the morning and as soon as I saw her number I knew she was going to have some type of news, so my stomach kinda dropped, and she said, "Do you know you're nominated for an Emmy?" I think I screamed, "Holy $^%$!" and ran around the house like a crazy person.

    • Blake Berris: (about his working schedule on a soap) You know, it's been very grueling recently. You know, just because the rate soap opera works at, it's faster than anything else. We're doing oftentimes 90-100 pages in a day, and sometimes you have two episodes in a day, and you'll have as many as 70 pages of dialog to remember.

    • Blake Berris: (on working with Miley Cyrus) It was interesting because I learned that she was 13 years old, and when you meet her she's, like, easily 15 years older than me. She's just like, this incredible kind of ball of energy, and she was not precocious, but just… she's really smart for such a young girl, really outgoing. So it was cool, it was a great stay.

    • Blake Berris: (on deciding to become an actor) Well, my dad is a director, and I just felt it was kind of in my family from early on. I decided when I was like two, I told my parents I was gonna be an actor.