Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Birth Name

William Blake McEdwards


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American filmmaker Blake Edwards is the grandson of director J. Gordon Edwards who directed such silent film epics as The Queen of Sheba. Blake began his career in films in 1943 with films such as Gangs of the Waterfront and Strangler of the Swamp. He also began writing…more


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    • Blake worked briefly as an actor and movie extra before moving on to writing and directing.

    • Edwards has a history of family in show business. Blake's step-father, Jack McEdwards, was a stage director and movie production manager. His grandfather was the silent film director, J. Gordon Edwards.

    • Before marrying Julie Andrews in 1969, Blake was married to Patricia Walker from 1953 - 1967. Their union produced two children, Geoffrey and Jennifer.

    • Between 1955 and 1993, Blake made 39 films.

    • Among Blake's many awards are an honorary Oscar (2004), an Edgar Allan Poe Award (2002), a French Legion of Honor, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    • After attending Beverly Hills High, Blake joined the Coast Guard.

    • Edwards produced, directed, and wrote for the hit 1950's detective series Peter Gunn.

    • Blake has also been credited as Sam O. Brown.

    • Edwards was named the inaugural distinguished fellow in film writing, directing, and producing at Arizona State University's film school in August 2005.

    • Blake Edwards was born as William Blake Crump in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 26, 1922.

    • Blake's nickname is "Blackie" thanks to his frequent black moods.

    • Blake has directed such well-known films as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Operation Petticoat, and The Pink Panther movies.

    • Blake suffers from depression (which at one point required 5 day-a-week psychoanalysis sessions) and chronic fatigue syndrome.

    • "Make 'em redecorate your office. That's primary, to let them know where you stand. Then, when you're shooting interior sequences, use your own interior decorator and set dresser. That way everything on the set will fit your house when you're finished." --advice to other filmmakers from Blake Edwards.

    • Blake got a standing ovation for his entrance when accepting an Honorary Oscar in 2004 for Lifetime achievement. The comedic writer/director/producer raced a motorized wheelchair across the stage and directly into a collapsible wall.

    • Blake and his wife, film legend Julie Andrews, have paired in a number of movies including Darling Lili, 10, S.O.B., Victor/Victoria, The Man Who Loved Women, and That's Life.

    • Blake was once roomates with Mickey Rooney.

    • Blake has five children including two from his earlier marriage (Jennifer and Geoffrey), a step-daughter from Julie's first marriage (Emma), and two adopted daughters who had been orphaned (Amy and Joanna). Blake and Julie also have seven grandchildren.

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