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    B-shorty is the man. He's going to be around making music for a VERY long time. Mark my words...his CD will be HUGE.

    Hey kcookie_94, Blake is an only child. Try doing some research before you make idiotic claims.
  • He's ok.

    Don't hate on me for this, and yeah, you can press that disagree button, I could care less. Blake is a great performer he really is, and he might become more popular than Jordin. But still, he didn't deserve to win American Idol, let's face the facts. He is a great performer, probably one of the best on American Idol. But Jordin was a better singer than he was, and American Idol is a singing competition. I bet pretty much a good fourth of Blake's votes came from fangirls. No offense to fan girls. My favorite performance of his is You Give Love A Bad Name. Once again, great performer, ok singer.
  • I wish he would've won.

    I love Blake Lewis! He was one of my favorites on American Idol season 6. He was also one of the best contestants that American Idol has had. Blake is really cute. No he's more than cute , he's gorgeous! I like his beatboxing. I think it's pretty cool. I love Blake's fashion sense too, I liked all of the clothes he wore when performing. I'm happy that he made it as far as he did. I wish he would've won but I like Jordin too. I'm pretty sure he'll come out with a record deal in the near future.
  • Blake Lewis is the best contest! He has to win this season! He is a great singer, very original in his presentations and a very handsome guy! Besides, he seems to be a very sweet person! I hope he wins!

    Well, Blake Lewis is the best contest in this season! He is a great singer, he is original and he is very handsome and charming.
    He is always improving his singing, and his performance in the show is great! Each week he does a different thing in his presentation and make everybody impressed! The best thing about he is that he always make something in his show to make the music that he is going to sing more interesting for public and also more similar to his style!
    Besides everything that I've said, he has a great sense of fashion, without losing his own style!
  • Blake's my favorite male singer this season!

    Blake Lewis is currently on American Idol Season 6. He is my favorite male singer this season, but I like Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle better than him. He is one of my favorite male singers ever on American Idol. He is a great beat boxer. Blake had many great performances, but he also had some bad performances. The top 4 Bee Gees night he did fairly bad. Like what the judges said, he doesn't always have to beat box during a song. He did really well during his performance of You Give Love a Bad Name on Bon Jovi night.

    Blake Lewis is one of THE hottest guy American Idol has ever had on it! I think he's talented. I love his dancing. I love his singing! I loved most when he remixed Bon-Jovi's song! Be-bop is so awesome. I think he should win! I felt sad win Chris got voted off because I found out that he and Blake were like brothers. (NOT BECAUSE I LIKE CHRIS BETTER, CUZ I DON'T!) Blake is incredible. I think that he should totally win! So Everyone Who Reads This Review, Vote 4 Blake. He should totally win over everyone else! GO BLAKE!!
  • Blake Lewis!!!!

    Blake Lewis is a really good singer and performer. He was very original on American Idol. Im not really sure but I think he is the first beatboxer on American Idol. But I like I said before im not exactly sure. And since American Idol is a singing competition he is a good singer too. He is really cute and really cool. He is a good dancer too. He is one of the people i am rooting for on American Idol season 5. I really hope he keeps performing in the future and doing what he loves. Go Blake Lewis!!!
  • Vote for him on American Idol, and more!

    Blake is my brother and he isn't just a great singer, but a great brother as well. He my be 12 years older than me, but I still know him very well and love him very much. He's always been a good kid from what I know and hasn't been a real trouble maker. Other than his tatoos, Blake hasn't done anything that my parent's weren't that fond of. I just wanted everyone to know a little about Blake because he's an awesome person. And be sure to vote for him on American Idol, I know I will and I hope you will too.