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  • blake lively my girl

    wow i miss gossip girl series
  • Just like her.

    Hate everything she acts in.
  • Can't stand her stoned-looking face and annoying whisper voice

    She seriously is not a good actress. Ok she's good compared to crappy telenovela actresses but that's not saying much. Her voice drives me insane! She constantly has this incredibly irritating, overly soft whisper voice and has this dumbfounded, permanently stoned-looking face which is her worst quality. Combine her voice with her dumb face and just looking at her and hearing her talk on screen is just awful. Kinda just makes you wanna slap the stupid out of her.
  • serena... or blake?

    i think shes awesome. she always seems to be so level headed and... normal?! she doesnt have a crazed beetch look to her [spelled incorrectly on purpose]; she looks nice, and sweet. serenas got some fight in her, and i imagine blake does too [every girl does! haha] but she instantly became my favourite on GG like she did in the sisterhood. shes gorgeous, which yes, she can't help... but shes not one of those girls who flaunts it everywhere. we dont see her in the gossip section because shes pulled some crazy stunt or shown her "britney". she's a stand up kind of girl. and she's come into who she is on her own - NOT because of her family & their lasting impression on Hollywood.
  • She is totally gorgeous young girl.

    I first saw her in the sisterhood of the traveling pants. And she is also outstanding in this movie.
    Totally I dont like Gossip Girl because for me it has the same story with O.C the only difference is the city. But I really like Blake.
    She is very gorgeous with her tall blonde hair. She reminds me Kate Hudson but much more prettier.
    She is so sympatic and loveable, and she can act by the way I think that she is the best actress in gossip girl.
    I hope that we can see her in better shows and more oftenly in big screen.
  • Blake Lively currently is the primary character in the tv hit "Gossip Girl" and has continued to appear in various movies ("Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," "Accepted"). She is one of the bigger rising stars of the past year or so.

    "Gossip Girl" is not a great show, it is entertaining, but not by any means great. Getting that out of the way, Blake Lively is arguably the biggest star of the series and while not a fantastic actress, she definitely has the charisma necessary for a star. The confines of her increasingly bland character on the show have not given Blake any area to show any legitimate talent yet, and while giving her her popularity, the show really proves how poor of an actress she currently is. However, through stints in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" movies she has shown some promise, so until "Gossip Girl" ends I will hold judgement.
  • Blake Lively is one of the best new actresses and certainly one of my favourites!

    The first time i saw her act was in the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I don't get excited very often from an actor or an actress but when i saw Blake i loved her from the first moment. She wasn't only gorgeous but she was acting great too. Then she got a role in the film Accepted where she was ok and then this year she got a leading role at the popular tv-series Gossip Girl which by the way is my favourite new show. After that role she became my number one actress. Blake is beautiful, kind, sweet, veeery talented and has for sure a very promising future. I would love to meet her someday :)
  • Another beautiful actress!

    Stunning… if I was into girls she'd totally be the type I'd go for. I love her good looks and down to earth attitude she portrays to the media… I'd love to meet her one day. Queen S forever! I think she'll be starring in Hollywood for a long time to come as long as she keeps up that really kind, sweet and outgoing personality and never loses touch with who she is. That's all I have to say.... ashame it has to be 100 words. Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake! !
  • Tall, blonde & entirely lovable.

    Blake Lively does something most actresses vie for in any part - confident and sure-footed. She can act, she does her job well, and aside from being gorgeous and tall with hair to die for, she acts with what she's got - everything.

    She is without a doubt my favourite character in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and although Serena isn't my favourite character, she does have an impact on me. She brings out truth in her role, she isn't plain - she's smart.

    Serena is such an easy character to overlook, she's the reformed bad girl, she fills a role that's already been done. But she does it honestly. And honest acting, is quite hard to come by.
  • wtf is wrong with her voice?

    everytime she talks, I would have to turn the volume up cuz she mumbles!! can she even enunciate ? she's pretty and talented on gossip girl but i gave her a 3 rating for her voice. boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo
  • she is soo ugly my grandma has less wrinkles and better voice than her whats wrong with the director or producer 2 cast he,look at leighton so pretty and look at her,pls bring som1 new cant stand her

    she is soo ugly my grandma has less wrinkles and better voice than her whats wrong with the director or producer 2 cast he,look at leighton so pretty and look at her,pls bring som1 new cant stand her.

    the show is good but see her rating here 7 coz not much ppl like her pls change her or make that charecter disappear,nothing 2 lose,actually her mom charecter is much more younger and beautiful than her....if u really want the audience to watch,,replace her
    luv all the other charecters,,esp chuck bass,,hes got style and luv vanessa and leighton shes gorgeous and can act well
  • ...

    So, when I started to watch Gossip Girl, she seemed OK to me, but now I cannot say the same. Maybe it's because everyone on Gossip Girl, but Blake Lively have been developed their skills. She's not convincing at all. While watching Gossip Girl, I even catch some moments where we can definitely see that she's waiting for something or someone, after she has read her lines. She's totally not natural. So what if her family is in this movie and show business, it's not for her. I even tried to watch The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants to see and to check out maybe she's worth for showbiz, but on the screen with America Ferrera, I literally couldn't see Blake. OK, she IS very good looking, but it takes talent too. Maybe she just need to switch businesses, for example, modeling?
  • The tall model-esc girl from Gossip Girl & SoTP.

    Okay, so she's really stunning, which is the only reason I can stand to watch anything she's in. She's gorgeous with great hair and great legs and a great body - which is probably the main reason she got Serena.

    But aside from the fact that she plays the main character in Gossip Girl, she can't really act! Everything she says is kind of mono-toned and her mouth never really opens. She doesn't really have any expression in her voice. And when she talks for to long it's like she's got spit in her mouth. Her lips are glued together and honestly, she can't act.

    She can be pretty and cry and read her lines, but that's not acting and I think she's completely, *completely* overrated.
  • Blake Lively was amazing in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and she is incredible as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl!

    She is such a talented actress, i'm so rooting for her and Dan to stay together on GG and I really hope that they make Sisterhood sequels and she is one of those actresses that you can tell does their best to try to show you her character's emotion. I didn't think I would like Gossip Girl, but now i'm hooked! Let me say again, she is very gifted, I wish I had her acting talent and i'd love to meet her someday! Now, this review is supposed to have 100 words min. so i'm going to finish with exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • amazing actress.

    I first came to know who Blake Lively was when I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I loved Blake in that, and she was my favorite. So when I heared she was going to be in a new movie, Accepted, of course I had to go and watch it and agian she delivered in that wonderfully. Now Blake portrays Serena on CWs new show, Gossip Girl, and Blake is one of the reasons why I love the show so much. She is one of my favorite actress and now one of my role models. I can't wait to see what she has in store next.
  • She is gorgeous amazing awesome and just plain splendid lol

    ok well i so love blake lively she is my all time hero! lol well she is a really great actress and is gorgeous and she is so very AMAZING!!! and so thats my review but it has to be longer so ill just keep typing random words so it will be long enough. soap. spleen. liver calamari worm boy ectoplasm space man blake lively lol msn happy ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha pig equals love i love blake lively she is my hero she rocks my world i like pasta also so that is it.
  • Read Mine!

    I would love to talk to everyone here on I put myself as average because I have seen actresses that are way better than me. I put myself as 8.3 because of the same reason. I am here for you guys. So if you want to talk to me, ask me questions, and become my friend...then I am more than welcome to talk to you!
  • wonderful actress with a smile that would knock any man off his feet.

    Where to begin. Well, how 'bout WOW! My eyes where glued to the screen every time it was Bridget's turn to have the "Traveling Pants". Her presence in Accepted gave me the goosebumbs. Im extremely jealous of any actor that gets to kiss those luscious lips(sigh). I give her a 10 only because the little rating thing doesnt go to 25. I dont know anything about good or bad acting but ill tell you one thing, there isnt a single bad thing about Blake Lively. P.S. i think any implication of Blake being gorgeous is under used in this review. even tho i implicated it approximatly 82 times. lol

  • She's unique, very talented, and a great actress! =)

    I'm a huge fan! She was amazing in her breakout performance in her latest movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! She really brought her character to life. And she looks great in her upcoming movie Accepted. I seriously thought she was a pro, her acting skills are so natural on screen!haha i think she really deserves a 10. I'm pretty sure she'll be around for a long time.
  • Great Actress

    She is so amazing.I loved it when she played Bridget and I think she matchedc her perfectly. I hope that she will have a long carreer as an actress and hopefully will be shooting another SOTTP movie! Anyway, I think she is so awesome and I can see her playing ib many movies to come. When I first read SOTTP, she was exactly how I imagined Brisget ot be! Not any different. They couldn't have picked a better gilr for the job.
  • She is so talented. It's hard to believe the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was her first major role. She will be big one day. She needs more movies, I would deffinatly watch them all.

    I love Blake. I am a huge fan. She is so incredible in the Siterhood. She played Bridget soo well. It was exactly like I thought she would be. I can't wait for her next two movies to come out. I will definatley be first in line to see them. She is so talented and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next.
  • One of the best new stars of the 21st century!

    I love the series The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. My favorite character throughout every book was Bridget. Beautiful, boy crazy............ I just saw the movie for the first time today, and let me tell you, Blake Lively is a very great actress! For TSOFTP being her first movie, you wouldn't be able to tell! You would think that that was something she'd been doing for years! We'll be sure to expect more in the future from her. Keep up the great work Blake!!
  • im a huge fan of Blake Lively!! she was great in the sisterhood of the traveling pants and is going to be great in the next movies she does!! Blake is so sweet and pretty! I hope that she goes far and acts for a long time.

    shes great at acting. Shes new but shes awesome. After i saw the sisterhood i couldnt wait to see her in other movies. She was born in a showbiz family. I love all of her family, they are great actors too. Maybe it runs in the family! every 1 should check out blake lively!