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    • Blake: (on being a child actor) I don't know if I encountered much fame growing up. If I did, it was kind of lost on me. I appreciated my time there, it was cool.

    • Blake: (on writing for himself vs. writing for an audience I try to write it for myself, I've written with the audience in mind before but I try to write it for myself. Sometimes you write it for yourself and people hate it but in a way that's almost satisfying, in a way it's kind of cool.

    • Blake: (when asked if he ever drinks) No. When I was younger I could see how people were interested in it, but it's not for me. I don't drink or do drugs. It's just not me.

    • Blake: (on how he feels about blogs, downloading and the internet's effect on the music industry) At first, it was pretty bad. People were just downloading the songs for free, which is fine I guess, but still. You work hard at writing and producing them and people just take it. There was no yin to the yang; no positivity to the negativity. It's different now. It's much more positive. And it's changed music. I mean I just finished producing a record for a band, and I've never done that before. I would have never heard of them without Myspace. Well, I mean my friend told me about them, but I got to hear them from Myspace.

    • Blake: (on whether or not the Rilo Kiley album "Under The Blacklight" was inspired by the darker aspects of Los Angeles) I'm not a guy who sees a seedy bar and feels like he has to go in, I keep to my routines. I think it's less inspired by L.A. and more inspired by life.

    • Blake: (on how he must get tired of interviews) No, they are okay. I mean, it's fun to talk about yourself isn't it?