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Blake Shelton


Blake Shelton Fan Reviews (3)

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  • Overated as a singer.

    But I love him around his wife.
  • I Love You Forever And Ever

    If i would had pick a team i would yours because the only muic listen to is country . I Love You Blake Shelton
  • A talented singer with a great personality.

    I wasn't sure what to make of Blake Shelton the first time I heard his debut song Austin, I wasn't crazy about the song, but I've not going to judge someone just because I don't like a song of theirs.

    I'm glad I didn't because almost every other song he has released since then I've liked, and my favorite video is Some Beach, I love the comedy in that video.

    The video for Some Beach shows that Blake has a pretty good personality, and he's one of the best singers to watch on countdowns, because he almost always says something witty.