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Formation Blink-182 formed in San Diego, CA, when Tom Delonge met Scott Raynor. He met Mark Hoppus through his sister and they talked about boarding for a while and soon found out they had a lot in common, including the same juvenile perverted sense of humour. Scott Raynor…more


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  • Trivia

    • The song from Buddah "The Girl Next Door" is a Screeching Weasels cover.

    • "Not Now" is about a person facing his death, knowing that he/she will die in that moment, and his/her only wish is to have the loved one on his/her side, hence the chorus "Please stay, Until I'm Gone/ I'm Here Hold On/ To Me I'm Right Here, Waiting..."

    • Always (Song Meaning explained by Tom) - This is the song from the whole album which looks the most like blink's. But in the same time it is really different in the way it is really new-wave. We recorded each instrument with the idea of sounding exactly like in the start of the year 80's, just like "The Police" or "The Cars". It deals about separation but it is also the most romantic. The chorus says: "Let me hold you, touch you, feel you, always".

    • The Rock Show (Song Meaning Explained By Mark) - "A few years ago there used to be a club in San Diego called "Soma." It was covered with Graffitti, it stunk, it was made of metal, the sound sucked, and the toilets were always overflowing. It was the best, we loved it. We used to watch bands play there every weekend. Blink 182 began in this club. This song is about those days. Soma isn't around anymore. The city hates it when kids have somewhere to go and hang out. F*** them."

    • Stay Together For The Kids (Song Meaning explained by Tom) - "Divorce sucks. It's so fu****. But hey, I'm not the only one to go through it. I guess parents are people too. Just lock yourself in a room, mine was my personal sanctuary."

    • All the Small Things (Song meaning explained by Tom) - "All The Small Things is a song I wrote for my girlfriend while we were recording. I had to write her a song, because I wrote songs about other girls, but I haven't written one for her. So I was kinda getting some heat for that. Not really though, because I love my girlfriend, so I was like, "I need to write a rad song" because I was scared - if the song came out bad, my girlfriend would be pissed. So I kinda warned her that it would come out bad. Then it came out good, so I was happy. But the lyrics are totally true in that song - 'She left me roses by the stairs.' I remember I came home late one night about midnight and she left roses on the stairs because I was working late every night in the studio. It's a song for everyone to have sex by."

    • Josie is about Mark's idea of the perfect girlfriend. The name on Mark and Tom favorite restaurant appears in this song (Mexican food Sombrero's Restaurant), and in the part when Mark sings "Well My girlfriend, likes UL and DHC..", he is referring to the bands Unwritten Law and Dance Hall Crashers. The person of this song - Josie - makes an appearance in the album "Take off Your Pants and Jacket", in the song "Online Songs".

    • Dammit was written about a relationship that Mark had that went wrong, when his girlfriend traded him for another guy. It explains the feelings and doubts that he had, and in the end he's sure that the new relationship of his girlfriend will not result and that she will search him to continue, but he will not accept her back.

    • M+M's (song meaning explained by Tom) - "I think this song is about how much you love this one girl, that you would do anything for her. At the end it questions if she would be yours or not."

    • Carousel (Song Meaning explained by Tom) - "This is more or less a nostalgic song. You see this girl here and there, but miss her. You're faced with life's everyday problems, and appreciate what you get. You often wish, though, that you could be young and free again, but you are always alone."

    • Blink-182 has two songs with the same name, "Voyeur". The most known is in the album "Dude Ranch" and in a live version in "The Mark, Tom and Travis Show". The other, which is a rare song, isn't found on any of their albums, was recorded in sometime during the "Buddha" demo tape. The songs have different lyrics and music, despite their name being the same.

    • The song "Stay Together For The Kids" had two video clips. The first version of it (a demolition ball destroying a building) is rarely seen, because the single was released shortly after the 9/11. The second version is the known one, where the band is playing in the same building during an earthquake.

    • The band Panic! At The Disco started out by making Blink 182 covers.

    • In the Brazilian and Latin American versions of the album Greatest Hits, there is a bonus track: Aliens Exist, live from a concert in LA.

    • There is something really curious in the name and logo's of blink-182's albums.

      Flyswatter's logo looked like an A.
      Buddha begins with B.
      Cheshire Cat begins with C.
      Dude Ranch begins with D
      Enema of the State begins with E.
      The Mark, Tom and Travis Show has a cartoon spoof of the band. In Travis' drums you can see an F.
      Take Off Your Pants & Jacket has a jacket, pants and a plane. You can see a G in the jacket.
      The self-titled album's logo is a face. The "X" eyes of the face make an H. Also, the same picture appears on the Greatest Hits.

      If you put the letters together, it says ABCDEFGH.

    • "All the Small Things" is featured in the Gamecube game Donkey Konga.

    • If you listen to the song Reckless Abandon with the left earphone only, you can hear people talking in the first 20 seconds or so.

    • Cds gone platinum:
      -Dude Ranch (platinum)
      -Enema of the State (7x platinum)
      -Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2x platinum)
      -Untitled (2x platinum)

    • The song "Feeling This" was first thought of by having Mark and Tom separated into two different rooms without talking to each other. When they got out, they realised they had both written about sex.
      The song came out with two versions of sex in it. The lustful side and the romantic side.

    • The song "What's my Age Again?" was originally going to be called Peter Pan Complex but they where afraid people would not get it. Also, at 1 minute and 49 seconds into the song, you can hear Mark say in the background "Please Stay Wendy".

    • The song "A New Hope" was originally called "Princess Leia". The name of the song is also a refrence to Star Wars 4: A New Hope.

    • In the video "Man Overboard", they arrive at a club called "FenixTx". This is a band that Mark used to manage in 1999 before the succes of the album Enema of the State.

    • The song "All of this" was supposed to be their fifth single but the hiatus stopped it from happening.

    • The song "My Pet Sally" was meant for an old friend of Tom who used to work at his old high school as a security guard and her name was Sally.

    • Scott was 14 when Mark and Tom recruited him to the band.

    • In an episode of Two Guys and a Girl, Blink 182 is playing "What's My Age Again" naked.

    • Tom chose the name "blink" because he reportedly likes short verbs.

    • Earlier in 2006, Travis played a couple of shows with DJ AM and has trademarked the name The Phenomenons for a new band.

    • Their first concert took place at a bar. Since they were underage, they were only allowed to enter when it was time for their set. No one came to see them, after only one song Blink was shut off. After the show, a man came up to Tom, bought him a Snapple and said, "You deserve it."

    • Mark is the only member without any body piercings or a tatoo.

    • Travis is kissing his wife Shanna Moalker in the video "Down".

    • The eye on the inside of the "Enema of the State" CD can be seen as a poster in the video "Always".

    • In the video for "First Date", Tom mouths 'what the f**k' after the girl falls headfirst off of her bike.

    • They received $500,000 for "The Rock Show" music video.

    • "Adam's Song" is about a letter that Mark read from a kid before he commited suicide. Then he got the idea for the song.

    • The actors dancing in the "What's my age again?" video had no clue that they would be dancing around naked.

    • In music video "Josie", the band attends Westlake High School.

    • At the starting of the video "Josie", Mark takes his lunch and kisses his real mother.

    • In the video "Dammit", when Tom's pants fall off, Scott mouths "Your pants fell down". Also Tom mouths to Mark "I love you" during on the movie screen.

    • The man selling "blink" drinks in the video "Dammit" is their manager Rick Devoe.

    • Tom said that the band's official name is blink-182 (without capitals and with a line between blink and 182). However, he also said that it doesn't matter how you spell it because they "misspelled" their name in several disks.

    • Some rumors as to why the band split:

      -Mark was feeling left out after the formation of Boxcar Racer
      -Tom didn't want to play that kind of music anymore
      -They wanted to spend more time with their families

    • Travis is making a band called Expensive Taste.

    • They where going to call there self-titled CD "Use your erection" but then later changed it.

    • The image on Cheshire Cat was originally from a calender. They tried to use it legally but they couldn't. They then took the picture and modified it so they wouldn't get sued.

    • At Tom's Angels And Airwaves concerts, he plays the song by blink 182 called "Down" by himself.

    • On the album of 'The Enema Of The State", you can clearly read on the spine that it says "Viking wizard eyes, wizard full of lies".

    • Blink 182 did 9 tours in Australia.

    • The song Apple Shampoo is about Mark's ex-girlfriend who used apple shampoo.

    • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Something Blue", Willow gets drunk and dances to "All The Small Things".

    • Tom was the original founder of Blink 182.

    • Both Tom and Mark like to eat their cereal with water.

    • Before every concert, Tom always drinks Red Bull.

    • The album Enema of the State was originally supposed to be called just Enema.

    • Mark and Tom's favourite restaurant is Sombrero's. They mentioned it in the song "Josie".

    • Mark's sister Anne wrote Blink 182's biography, entitled Tales From Beneath Your Mom.

    • Before "Blink 182" and even before "Blink," the original name for the band was "Duct Tape".

    • Travis Barker appears in P Diddy's video for "Bad Boy for Life."

    • The videos All the Small Things, Man Overboard and What's My Age Again? feature the Banana Man.

    • In the video Josie, Tom has a Rhythm skateboard.

    • Travis started his own clothing company called Famous Stars and Straps, and Mark started his own clothing company called Atticus along with Tom. Tom also made his own company called Macbeth shoes.

    • The video for What's My Age Again? was shot in Los Angeles.

    • Tom is married to Jennifer Jenkins (a.k.a. Jennifer Delonge), Mark is married to Skye Everly (a.k.a. Skye Hoppus) and Travis is married to former Miss USA Shanna Moakler (a.k.a. Shanna Barker).

    • Tom's daughter is named Ava DeLonge. He also has a son named Rocket.

    • Mark's dog's name is Ahi.

    • Tom is now in a band called Angels and Airwaves, alongside members of The Distillers and The Offspring.

    • The song "Dammit" can be heard on Dawson's Creek (1998)

    • The song "All the Small things" can be heard on Sabrina, the teenage witch.

    • The song "Mutt" can be heard on the movie American Pie (1999).

    • The song "Dumpweed" can be heard on the movie Jailbait (2000)

    • "Mutt" can be heard on the movie Tomcats (2001).

    • DVDs:
      Urethra Cronicles (1999)
      Probed Unauthorized (2000)
      Unauthorized (2000)
      Greatest Hits (2005)
      Not Guilty: Unauthorized Biography (2005)

    • Travis was a member of The Aquabats, and joined blink 182 when he was part of this band.

    • Travis and Tom are also members of Boxcar Racer

    • Travis is also a member of The Transplants.

    • Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker are also part of the band Plus 44.

    • Blink 182 was originally called just Blink, but they changed the name since there was an Irish Pop band called Blink too.

    • Album: Blink 182 Tour Edition
      Record Label: Geffen Records
      Release: 2004

    • Tom said several times that he is obsessed with aliens, and his hobby is Ufology, the science that investigates UFOs.

    • In years 1999-2000, the song "All the Small things" was in the top 10 of several music magazines.

    • Album: Blink 182 (self-titled)
      Record Label: Geffen Records
      Release: 2003
      The band said that even if this disc is "Self-titled" in catalogues and shops it should be considered "Untitled", since it represents a revolution in the band style. It's a way to say "We are starting again".

    • Album: Take Off your Pants and Jacket
      Record Label: MCA
      Release: 2001

      *In the UK, this album has 3 different versions, each one with 2 different bonus tracks

    • Album: The Mark, Tom and Travis Show
      Record Label: MCA
      Released: 2000
      *This is a live album, which only has one new song, "Man Overboard". Includes songs from Enema of the State (principaly), Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat. It's a limited edition.

    • Album: Enema of the State
      Record Label: MCA (this is very important, since blink-182 moved to a major label)

    • Album: Dude Ranch
      Record Label: Cargo Music
      Released: 1997

    • Album: Cheshire Cat
      Record Label: Grilled Cheese/Cargo Music
      Released: 1995/Re-released 1998

    • Album: Buddha
      Record Label: Kung Fu Records
      Released: 1994/ Re-released 1998
      The 1994 release was very small, and was a cassete. Only 1000 copies were sold.

    • Flyswatter was a demo tape and was never released. Since it's a demo album it isn't clear when it was recorded: 1992 or 1993.

    • Singles: M+M's (1996), Josie (1998), Dammit (1998), What's My Age Again, pt. 1 (1999), What's My Age Again pt. 2 (1999), Man Overboard (2000), Adam's Song (2000), All the Small Things (2000), Feeling This (2003), I Miss You, pt. 1 and 2 (2004), Down, pt. 1 and 2 (2004),Always (2004), Not Now (2005).

    • Travis Barker was born on November 14, 1975, in California.

    • Tom Delonge was born on December 13th, 1975, in San Diego.

    • Mark Hoppus was born on March 15, 1972, in California.

    • Counting all the alternative releases, the group has released 20 Major albums, 2 compiliations and 5 DVDs.

    • The song "All The Small Things" can be heard on the movie Charlie's Angels during the end credits.

    • The song "I Miss You" can be heard in the pilot episode of The Mountain.

    • Mark and Tom both live in San Diego. Travis lives in Riverside.

    • Parents:

      Both Mark and Tom's parents are divorced.
      Travis' mom Gloria died of cancer on Travis' first day of high school. The first tattoo he ever got was a memorial of her.

    • An indefinite hiatus when used as a term for a band, means that they are taking a break. Tom just had another kid, Travis and Mark are home with the little ones, so it may mean that they are taking a break. There are several contradictions, because the members of the band said that "All was over", but then they said "It's just a break".

    • They can also be seen in "Pop Disaster Tour," featuring Green Day and several other punk bands.

    • "Dammit" is featured in the movies Bubbleboy, Can't Hardly Wait and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.

    • "All The Small Things" and "First Date" are both featured in the movie Clockstoppers.

    • The song "Feeling This" can be heard on Madden NFL 2004 as "Action."

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