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    • In 2008 Bloc Party released the album Intimacy through the internet, prior to commercial release. Singles that have been released include "Mercury" and "Talons".

    • Bloc Party rose from obscurity when they handed their single "She's hearing Voices" to Franz Ferdinand and Steve Lamacq at a Franz Ferdinand concert. Steve then played it on Radio 1 where he worked as a DJ. Their success followed from there.

    • They have released the following songs as singles from "A Weekend in the City":

      The Prayer
      I Still Remember
      Hunting for Witches

    • Their 2005 album "Silent Alarm" consists of:
      1. Like Eating Glass
      2. Helicopter
      3. Positive Tension
      4. Banquet
      5. Blue Light
      6. She's Hearing Voices
      7. This Modern Love
      8. Pioneers
      9. Price of Gas
      10. So Here We Are
      11. Luno
      12. Plans
      13. Compliments

    • They released the following as singles from their Silent Alarm album:

      So Here We Are/Positive Tension
      The Pioneers

    • Their main influences are: U2, Radiohead, The Cure, Gang of Four, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, XTC, Joy Division, and Pixies.

    • The band consists of:
      Gordon Moakes: Bass
      Kele Okereke: Vocals/Guitar
      Russell Lissack: Guitar
      Matt Tong: Drums

    • Their 2007 album "A Weekend in the City" consists of:
      1. Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
      2. Hunting For Witches
      3. Waiting For The 7.18
      4. Prayer
      5. Uniform
      6. On
      7. Where Is Home
      8. Kreuzberg
      9. I Still Remember
      10. Sunday
      11. SRXT

    • They have had two songs played in the show The O.C. They were: "Blue Light (Engineers Anti-Gravity Mix)" in The Aftermath (301) and "The Pioneers" in The Man Of The Year (324).

    • They have three CDs - their first, titled 'Bloc Party,' and their second titled 'Silent Alarm.' Their third album is 'A Weekend in the City.' They have also released a CD with remixes from Silent Alarm, titled 'Silent Alarm Remixed.'

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