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Blondie is an American rock band that gained fame in late 1970s. The band first broke up in 1982, but since it's reputation grew after that, the band was reformed in 1998. Blondie's lineup wasn't always the same. In early years in the band were Deborah Harry, Chris…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Blondie had their first #1 record (in the United States) with their song Heart of Glass.

    • Blondie was inducted into the Hollywood's Rock Walk of Fame in May, 2006.

    • Blondie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, 2006.

    • The name of the band was taken from comments of the truck drivers who said "Hey, Blondie!" to Harry as they drove by.

    • Their album Parallel Lines was produced by Mike Chapman.

    • Blondie have influenced different singers and musicians like Gwen Stefani, or Madonna, the band L7, Shirley Manson etc.

    • They released their seventh album, No Exit, in 1999. Album's single Maria reached #1 on the UK charts.

    • They released their sixth album, The Hunter, in 1982. Album's singles, Island of Lost Souls reached #11 on the UK charts, and War Child reached #39 on the UK charts, but didn't reach the US charts.

    • They got their first record deal with Private Stock Records and they released their debut album Blondie in 1976. But, Private Stock Records was then bought by the UK-based company, Chrysalis Records, and they re-released Blondie on the new label in 1977.

    • They released their fifth album, Autoamerican, in 1980. Album's singles The Tide is High reached #1 in the UK and Us charts, while single Rapture reached #1 in the US charts, while in UK charts it reached #5.

    • They released their fourth album, Eat to the Beat in 1979. Album's singles Atomic (reached #1 in the UK charts), Dreaming (reached #2 in the UK charts), Union City Blue (reached #13 in the UK charts) weren't so successful in the US charts as they were in the UK charts.

    • They released their third album Parallel Lines in 1978. Album's singles Picture This and Hanging on the Telephone were hits in the UK, but they weren't in the US charts.

    • They released their second album, Plastic Letters, in 1977. Album's single Denis reached #2 on the British charts.

    • They released the album The Curse of Blondie in October 2003 featuring 14 songs.

    • The band consists of several people: Deborah Harry (vocals), Clem Burke (drums), Chris Stein (guitar), Paul Carbonara (guitar), Leigh Foxx (bass), Kevin Patrick(keyboards).

  • Quotes

    • Jimmy Destri: (about band's disbanding) It was never one thing where anyone said "Let's stop!". We just stopped.

    • Deborah Harry: The guys have gotten really good at what they do. I mean they always were good players and songwriters, but I think now you could say they're accomplished.