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    • Blues Traveler's first album to make the Top 100 was Save His Soul in 1993. This was their third album.

    • Blues Traveler's album, Four, went multi-platinum.

    • The song "Runaround" off of the album Four spent 49 weeks on the Billboard charts.

    • Blues Traveler has toured in all 50 states. John Popper used to keep a map of the United States and he would color in each state once they had performed in it.

    • Blues Traveler made an appearance in the 1998 movie Blues Brothers 2000 as themselves. Their song "Maybe I'm Wrong" is also on the soundtrack of the movie.

    • Blues Traveler has produced eight albums.

      1. Blues Traveler (1990)
      2. Travelers and Thieves (1991)
      3. Save His Soul (1993)
      4. Four (1994)
      5. Straight on Till Morning (1997)
      6. Bridge (2001)
      7. Truth Be Told (2003)
      8. ¡Bastardos! (2005)

    • A NASCAR game for the Sony Playstation had clips of the Blues Traveler's music.

    • The song "The Mountains Win Again", by Blues Traveler, has been in a few commercials for Busch Beer in North America.

    • In the 1996 film, Kingpin, Blues Traveler appeared as an Amish band.

    • Blues Traveler made an appearance on the TV show Roseanne. Later Blues Traveler recorded the theme song for the show.

    • Blues Traveler member, Bobby Sheehan, died from a deadly mixture of cocaine, Valium, and heroin in August of 1999.

    • In 1995 Blues Traveler started the annual H.O.R.D.E. (Horizons Of Rock Developing Everywhere) tour.

    • Lead vocalist John Popper weighed about 400 pounds at one time. In the year 2001 he had his stomach stapled and went down to about 220 pounds.

    • John Popper, lead vocalist, was injured severely in a motorcycle accident in 1993.

    • Blues Traveler has made more appearances on Late Night With David Letterman than any other band.

    • Blues Traveler has been a band since 1989. Members of the band include:
      John Popper on vocals and harmonica Chan Kinchla on the guitar Bobby Sheehan on the bass (1989-1999)
      Brendan Hill on the drums Ben wilson on the keyboards Tad Kinchla on the bass (2001-present)

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