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Original Members: Damon Albarn, vocals Graham Coxon, guitar Alex James, bass Dave Rowntree, drums and percussion Blur got its start in Colchester, England in 1989, where college friends Albarn, Coxon, and Rowntree formed a new band from the ashes of Circus, their previous band. Under the name Seymour,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The American Air Force tried to gain the rights to use Song 2 at the launch of a new stealth bomber, but the band refused to give them permission as Damon Albarn is an anti-war activist.

    • For Tomorrow was the only song of Modern Life Is Rubbish to be featured on Blur's compilation album, Blur: The Best Of

    • For Tomorrow made Q Magazine's list of 50 British Tracks You Must Own.

    • Song 2 was voted #8 on UChoose40's O-Week Anthems.

    • Blur's 1997 single Song 2 was voted #9 on New Zealand music show UChoose40's Party Floor Fillers.

    • Blur's 1994 single Girls and Boys was #2 on New Zealand music channel C4's #10 Greatest Britpop Songs.

    • Blur released their single Country House on the same day that rivals Oasis released their single Roll With It.

    • Think Tank represented another change in sound for Blur. This album was largely electronica, with very little guitar.

    • Blur's eponymous 1997 album marked a change in sound for the band away from their Britpop roots to music inspired by American indie groups like Pavement.

    • Blur's 1997 song Song 2 was #15 on NME magazine's 100 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever list.

    • Modern Life Is Rubbish was #6 on NME's 100 Greatest British Albums Ever! list.

    • Damon wrote For Tomorrow after the band's label, Food Records, told them to go back into the studio and work on more potential hit singles for Modern Life Is Rubbish.

    • Blur's first album Leisure contained elements of British indie genres Madchester and shoegazing.

    • Damon Albarn's side project, Gorillaz, has so far released two albums, 2001's Gorillaz and 2005's Demon Days.

    • Much of the lyrical content of Blur's album 13 dealt with the emotions Albarn was feeling regarding his breakup with Elastica's Justine Frischmann.

    • Album Discography:
      Leisure (1991)
      Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993)
      Parklife (1994)
      The Great Escape (1995)
      Blur (1997)
      13 (1999)
      The Best Of Blur (2000) - hits collection
      Think Tank (2003)

    • The album Modern Life Is Rubbish was widely regarded as the beginning of the '90s Britpop movement, with the single "Popscene" seen as its nucleus.

    • The original name for the band was Seymour.

  • Quotes

    • Graham Coxon: (on the members of Blur meeting and what it may hold for the future of Blur) We met for a catch-up and it was great, but there was no real talk of recording.

    • Damon Albarn: (on the change in Blur's sound from The Great Escape to Blur) We created a movement: as far as the lineage of British bands goes, there'll always be a place for us.

    • Damon Albarn: I've made two bad records. The first record (Leisure), which is awful, and The Great Escape, which was messy.

    • Alex James: (on Blur's fourth album, The Great Escape) It was all more elaborate, more orchestral, more theatrical, and the lyrics were even more twisted.

    • Damon Albarn: (on the homesickness he experienced while touring America) I just started to miss really simple things. I missed everything about England so I started writing songs which created an English atmosphere.

    • Damon Albarn: If punk was about getting rid of hippies, then I'm getting rid of grunge.

    • Alex James: (on the possibility of a Blur reunion) It would be a disaster thinking there would never be another Blur record. And anyone who has ever been in a band thinks they can get back together and make the best album ever.

    • Damon Albarn: (on the possibility of a Blur reunion) You'd be very unwise to put money on it. I'm starting my own betting service and I'll just keep feeding things to the press saying "Maybe, maybe". It's like the polar ice-caps staying frozen: unlikely.

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