Bo Bice

Bo Bice


11/1/1975, Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Birth Name

Harold Edmin



Also Known As

Bo Bice
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Bo claims that he's been singing ever since he could talk. He had formal voice training in high school choir. He plays a number of musical instruments including the piano, guitar, bass guitar, and saxaphone. He does his own recording at home in his own studio. Bo is…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bo's roommate during the Top 24 through of American Idol was Nikko Smith and was roommates with Constantine Maroulis from the top 12 on.

    • Bo's first son Aidan Michael Bice entered this world on Sept 24, 2005. He and his wife Caroline Fisher had their second son, Caleb, on August 5, 2008.

    • In Bo's absence during the final leg of the American Idol tour, the other male finalists decided to sing Sweet Home Alabama and wear t-shirts in honor of Bo.

    • One of Bo's fan sites are trying to find ways to show their support for Bo. On the list of things for fans to do is a Blood Drive, giving support to Bo's church. His church supports a mission program so on the list was to buy the church's cd they have made. The last one being to buy Bo's cd to send overseas to our soldiers.

    • Bo's brother John was in a car accident during the time that Bo was in the hospital and on American Idol with his own health issues. Bo related to reporters that his is grateful to all his family and fans for their prayers. Also that his brother and his wife are also doing fine.

    • After breaking his ankle, Bo said he would be selling his home in Helena, due to the paparazzi. They apparantly offered thousands of dollars for anybody who could get a picture of Bo in the hospital.

    • Bo's good friend Sean Todd's house burnt down in 2004, and when Bo heard the news, he bought Todd a new Fender Telecaster.

    • In the first show following Bo's accident with his broken foot, Bo came onstage with the assistance of two of his fellow contestants. He performed physically more subdued but never missed a beat on his vocals. This show was in Cleveland, Ohio.

    • On October 15, 2005, SugarMoney, Bo Bice, and David Graves performed a charity concert at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Birmingham. All proceeds benefitted the victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

    • Bo currently resides and records in Nashville. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina inspired him to pen two new songs.

    • Bo has a degree in massage therapy and music production from the University of North Alabama.

    • Bo's real name is Harold Elwin Bice. He was given his nickname Bo because he grandma thought he resembled Humphrey Bogart.

    • The version of Vehicle that Bo performed on American Idol was different then the one he cut and released. In the ending of the live song, he ended on a note that was not what the Ides Of March originally recorded. His recorded version was exactly the same as it was written and preformed by the original group.

    • Bo was very excited to have the chance to perform with Lynyrd Skynyrd and afterwards, they asked him to record an album with them.

    • Bo is good friends with Courtney Cox-Arquette (a fellow Birmingham, AL native). He and his wife Caroline celebrated the Fourth of July 2005 with Courtney and her husband David Arquette at their Malibu house.

    • Bo's Songs on American Idol
      It's A Great Day to Be Alive and
      For the Love of Money on 5/10 Stand by Me and "Heaven" 5/3
      "I Don't Want To Be" on 4/26 "Vehicle" on 4/19 "Free Bird" on 4/12
      "Corner of the Sky" on 4/5
      "Remedy" on 3/29
      "Time in a Bottle" on 3/22
      "Spinning Wheel" on 3/15 "I'll Be" on 3/7
      "Whipping Post" on 2/28 "Drift Away" 2/21

    • Bo auditioned for American Idol in Florida .

  • Quotes

    • Bo Bice (On having a baby): You see something different every week, and it's wild, man.

    • Bo Bice (On losing American Idol ): If I had won this thing, it'd be another five years before I could (get my own music out)... This is something that is good not only for myself, but it's great for the fans... It's gonna be a little bit more feasible for me to go to them.

    • Bo Bice (On his wife): I've got the best wife in the world... She's the best thing that ever happened to me.

    • Bo Bice: There's a part where I go running across the stage and do these jump-ups and flip around in circles and normally I wear cowboy boots, but about three or four shows ago, they started sliding on me.

    • Bo Bice: Life is good. No obstacle is too large to overcome.

    • Bo Bice: If I win American Idol I would thank God, my family, and the crew of American Idol.

    • Bo Bice: There is more energy here than any other gig. God bless every one of you

    • Bo Bice: I think I'm gonna get away with wearing an air cast and I'm going to have to use this bone-regenerator kinda thing... It's looking like no more running around for the rest of the tour. I'm gonna be stuck trying to pull off a piano song or something.

    • Bo Bice: We have to pitch to the record company like everybody else

    • Bo Bice: More than anything, though, I'd like to do some co-writing with these cats

    • Bo Bice: I'm a big fan. I love that show, man. I got to meet him, and I got to meet Beth. I told him I wrote a song, "Tombstones Don't Talk Back," because of something Leland had said on the show. It was great.

    • Bo Bice: "Valley of Angels" is about the idea that things aren't perfect. Everyone fumbles and falls and makes mistakes. When you're down, you might not feel there's any place of serenity you can find. It's about finding peace.

    • Bo Bice: I think the record paints a nice picture of what I'm about, all the different elements. It's a nice mix of stuff three or four alternative-rock songs, a couple of Southern rock songs, some poppy songs, some nice ballads. It's not too far out in left field for anyone.

    • Bo Bice: My life's a wreck, and I love it.

    • Bo Bice: People also need to know this is an ongoing problem. It's not just something you give your $5 to and forget.

  • Him=Awesome His album= Horrid!

    Ok Bo Bice is this amazing rocker who is just so cool and is just himself and you wonder why he'd join a pop show liek American Idol. Well he did and won runner-up on the 4th season. As much as I love Bo Bice I've got to say his labum is terrible. I listened to it and his album is not him. It's not rock it's just full of pop songs that is not Bo. It does not match his personality at all. I'm looking forward to his album not made by American idol so we can see what Bo erally has to offer.moreless
  • I was so glad Bo didn't win American Idol, but this season he inspired all these rock weirdos to come onto the show, saying, "I was a grubby truck driver but because of Bo I'm going to be an Idol duuude." I mean, really!moreless

    Besides bringing weird rock freaks to the show, Bo's singing was awful, and he sounded like a Simon Cowell drunk, singing onstage. And can you imagine that?? I would NEVER, EVER buy his CDs because he deserves to be in Paris Hilton's b-crack where he can live on various things I will not mention. He stinks and he should go back where he belongs! I've bought every single one of Carrie's songs on iTunes and I support her all the way! Jesus, take the wheel! None of those weird rockers got in the top 12, I'm thankful for that, but we still got some weirdos like Bucky, who's worse than Bo, something I didn't think possible, and Kevin, who was that weird dork. And that Melissa girl who wore the weirdest clothes and got voted off in the first top 12 round. LOL But anyways, I'm just expressing my opinion.moreless