Bo Svenson





2/13/1944 , Sweden

Birth Name

Boris Lee Holder Svenson




Bo Svenson, a tall, guant and leading actor born in Sweden, joined the Marines when he was 17, when he left the Marines he came to The United States. Bo Svenson is clearly known as an actor, but he is also and accomplished director and writer. He took up acting and first starred in the ABC World Broadcast Premier of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and remained in television in lead parts in "Target Risk" and "Snowbeast". In 1975, Bo Svenson took over Joe Don Baker's role of Burford Puser in two of the "Walking Tall" films. Among his most remembered roles include "The Great Waldo Pepper", "Special Delivery", "North Dallas Forty" and "The Delta Force". In the 80's, Bo Svenson was cast in low-budget horror flicks "Curse II: The Bite" and "Beyond the Door III", but moved into directing and writing. As of in recent years, Bo Svenson was in a cameo part as the doomed captain in "Speed II: Cruise Control" with Sandra Bullock and then was in "Crackerjack III". But in his directing credits, Bo Svenson has won major international awards for his work on his own film "Sollitute Point" and is currently working on his new film "Viking" which is to be shot in Europe and his home country of Sweden.