11/5/1986, Guri, South Korea

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Kwon Boa


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One of the most promising young artists in South East Asia by the time she was 15, BoA was signed to a South Korea record label, SM Entermainment. She came to the attention of Japanese label, Avex, after her debut album ID: PEACE B made Top 10 in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Boa's hardest job is getting rid of her loneliness in Japan but she relieves it by visiting her fansites.

    • As well as playing the voice of Heather in the Japanese and Korean dubbings of the 2006 Dreamworks Animation SKG film, Over the Hedge, BoA also performs the theme songs for them. Key of Heart is the film's Japanese theme song, and People Say is its Korean theme.

    • The title, Beat of Angel, is considered a backronym of her name. It is also one of her singles.

    • On May 17, 2006, she attended the "59th Cannes Film Festival" where she walked the red carpet with the original cast for "Over the Hedge". She was the first Korean artist to attend such an event.

    • BoA wants to someday perform in Pyongyang, North Korea.

    • When she was in kindergarten, BoA buried a time capsule with a note inside saying she wished to become a singer.

    • BoA attended Yangjung Elementary School, Sahmyook Middle School, and Korean Kent Foreign School.

    • One of BoA's brothers is a jeweler for Korean jewelry company, "Ramee".

    • Her nickname is "Bosik".

    • BoA passed out after she performed "Over The Top" at the "2005 KM Music Video Festival" after complaining of chest pains.

    • She is close friends with Korean singer Hyori Lee.

    • It was announced on August 23rd, 2006 that BoA has replaced Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun as the new face of Olympus Korea. BoA will be featured in their advertisements beginning in September 2006.

    • The award she won in 2006 was Best Jewelry Wearing Teenager (Japan).

    • The awards she won in 2005 were: Best Korean Artist at the World Music Awards, Best Female Artist at the music video festival, most stars (6) at the "130 Million Choose Best Artist" Competition in Japan, Participates in NHK Best Singers contest in Japan (Breaks record as the only foreign artist to ever attend four years in a row), No. 1 in HIT FM Asia Music Chart, Best Hallyu (Korean Wave) Star Award, Best Hits Song Festival 2005, and BonSang Award.

    • The awards she won in 2004 were: Grand Prize at the SBS pop music contest, Favorite Korean Artist and Most Influential Asian Artist awards at the MTV Asia Awards (MAA), Gold Disc Grand Awards in Japan, NHK Best Singers contest in Japan, Best Hallyu (Korean Wave) Star Award, Daesang at M.Net 2004 Music Video Festival, Bonsang at MBC Gayo Awards, Best Asian Star prize at Pepsi Top Chinese Music Awards, Best Album prize at Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan., Best Dance award at Japan Record Awards, and Golden artist at Best Hits Song Festival 2004.

    • The awards she won in 2003 were: One of the 10 Best Singers on MBC TV, Proud Korean Awards, Gold Disc Grand Award in Japan, Participates in NHK Best Singers contest in Japan, Bonsang and Artist of year at KMTV Music Awards, Album of the year at Japan Golden Disk Awards, Best dance award at Japan Record Awards, and Best Hits Song Festival 2003.

    • The awards she won in 2002 were: Grand Prize at the SBS pop music contest, one of the 10 best singers on MBC TV, grand prize at Japan Record Grand Awards, NHK Best Singers contest in Japan, Daesang and Best Choreography at M-net Music Video Festival, Daesang at Seoul Gayo Awards, Daesang at SBS Gayo Awards, Artist of the year at KMTV Music Awards, and Album of the year at Japan Record Awards.

    • The award she won in 2001 was the MTV Taiwan New Sound prize.

    • The awards she won in 2000 were: Rookie of the Year award at MTV's music video festival and Rookie of the Year award at the annual music contest of KMTV.

    • BoA's "My Name" music video became the first premiere music video for opening of MTV K channel in the US.

    • Most recently, she performed her song "NO.1" before world leaders at the 2005 APEC conference in Busan, South Korea.

    • BoA also appeared in the "Korean Music Festival" held in the "Sydney Opera House" on June 21, 2004 and in the Volvo "Hallyu" Concert in Universal City, California (outside of Los Angeles) on June 11, 2005.

    • BoA has a contract with "Avex Trax" until 2007.

    • BoA has a contract with "SM Entertainment" until 2012.

    • Statements have also been occasionally made that BoA is a contributor to establishing and improving relations between Japan and Korea, in response to the rivalries in Eastern Asia as a result from previous wars and conflicts.

    • BoA has appeared on numerous magazine covers and some commercials including KOSE, MISSHA, Lipton, Ting, Pantech & Curitel, Elite, Lotte, Maybelline, Wired XYZ, Levi's, Nike, and Skechers.

    • On April 4, 2006 BoA released her 19th single "Nanairo no Ashita~brand new beat~/Your Color". The other A-Side, "Your Color" was used as the ending theme song for for the Xbox 360 Japanese release of Ninety-Nine Nights. This was the first BoA single to be released in the CD+DVD format.

    • BoA is considered one of the most popular pop-artists in both Korea and Japan, and is one of the leading stars of the Korean Wave otherwise known as "Hallyu".

    • Her 20th Japanese single is "KEY OF HEART / DOTCH".

    • On June 28, 2006 it was informed that BoA might star in her first movie role alongside Chinese superstars, Jay Chou and Yao Ming, in the highly anticipated film, "Slam Dunk (Guan Lan)", due out March 2007.

    • In 2005, BoA was given the main lead as "Shin Chae Gyung" in the rags to riches drama, "Goong (Palace)", but due to her busy schedule, the role was passed on to former Baby V.O.X member, Yoon Eun Hye.

    • BoA made her debut in the film industry as a dubbing actress for the voice of "Heather the Opossum" in the Korean and Japanese versions of "Over the Hedge", which was released on May 31, 2006 in Korea.

    • BoA is a popular artist among Asian-American television show viewers. Her music videos are regularly seen on such shows as Revolution and Korean Music Countdown, which aired on the International Channel (now AZN TV) in 2003-2005. AZN TV has also been known to slip in a BoA video at the conclusion of some of their broadcasted dramas.

    • BoA sings Some Day, One Day with Verbal.

    • BoA's favorite perfumes are Samurai and NiNa Ricci.

    • BoA's favorite drink is Bubble Tea.

    • BoA's favorite cartoon character is Winnie the Pooh.

    • BoA's favorite colors are beige, grey, black, white, gold, brown, and dark Colors.

    • BoA's favorite movie is Men In Black 2.

    • BoA's favorite song is Hot In Here by Nelly & The Neptunes.

    • BoA's favorite types of music are Rap, Dance, Hip-Hop, and R&B.

    • BoA's favorite singers are Whitney Houston, Jodeci, Kim Hyun Jung, Kim Johan, Seo Taiji, and Nelly.

    • BoA's cellphone ring is Kim Hyun Jung's Nuh Jung Mal

    • BoA's childhood dream was to be a singer.

    • BoA has a cat named Sarah.

    • The other members of her family are her parents, two older brothers, one sister.

    • BoA's horoscope is Scorpio.

    • Some of her hobbies are to listen to music, singing, watching movies, dancing, hip-hop dancing, acting, cross stitching, making accessories for her friends, speaking Japanese & English.

    • BoA's blood type is AB.

    • BoA's shoe size is 23.5.

    • BoA weighs 99 lbs.

    • BoA's height is 5'4.

    • Her 5th Korean album is Girls on Top.

    • Her 4th album is My Name.

    • Her Korean 3.5th album is Shine We Are.

    • Her 3rd album is Atlantis Princess.

    • Her Korean 2.5th album is Miracle.

    • Her 2nd Korean album is No.1/Neul....

    • Her 1.5th Korean album is Don't Start Now (Jumping Into The World).

    • Her Korean debut album is Id; Peace B.

    • Her 3rd album is Love and Honesty.

    • Her 2nd Remix Album is Next World.

    • Her 2nd album is Valenti.

    • Her 1st Remix Album is Peace B Remixes.

    • BoA's Japanese debut album is titled Listen To My Heart, and was released on March 13, 2002.

    • She also sings "Every Heart" in InuYasha.

    • BoA got her start by tagging along with her brother to a talent search. He actually auditioned, she just worked her magic.

    • BoA is already fluent in five different languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, and French.

    • BoA was considered to play the part of Cho Chang in the fourth Harry Potter movie, Goblet of Fire

  • Quotes

  • BoA is a talented artist.

    Boa Kwon known for her stage name BoA (Beat of Angel) is an all around great artist and entertainer. Her voice is lovely and she has sung fantastic songs in both Japanese and Korean. Even though her songs sound very much alike whether she's singing in Japanese or Korean, she has a slightly different style for each. Besides singing, BoA is also a great dancer and her live shows/concerts are always entertaining.

    I first discovered BoA's work when I heard the 4th InuYasha ending theme "Every Heart -minna no kimochi-". I thought it was a very pretty song and that she had a good voice. I soon downloaded and listened to more of her songs and have become a fan of hers.moreless
  • I don't speak Korean or Japanese, but I love BoA's music!

    I just started getting into BoA last year when I found a video for her song "People Say" on Youtube. I absolutely LOVED her voice, and I soon became addicted to her music, despite the fact that I don't speak Korean or Japanese. Right now I have her Made in Twenty CD and DVD, and a few songs I bought on iTunes. It's just too bad that BoA isn't as famous in America as she is in Asia. She's very beautiful, has an awesome voice, and her style of music is kind of like the style that's popular around here. My favorite BoA songs include "Key of Heart", "Gracious Days", "Our Love ~to my parents~", "Brand New Beat", and "Kimino Uta (Milky Way)". BoA also performs English versions of some of her songs. Her English is a little flawed, but it's still pretty good, considering that she also speaks two other languages that are foreign to her: Japanese and Chinese. BoA is absolutely awesome, and I would definately reccomend her to anyone, weather they speak Korean and/or Japanese or not!moreless