Bob Carolgees





5/4/1948 , Birmingham, UK

Birth Name

Robert Johnson




Comedy entertainer who used to appear on the British children's TV series Tiswas and later its adult versions O.T.T. and Saturday Stayback. He is famed for appearing with a puppet named Spit the Dog.

As well as gaining national fame with Spit The Dog, he was also part of The Four Bucketeers who made the UK top 30 in 1980.

Carolgees went on to work alongside Cilla Black in Surprise, Surprise and he has entertained the armed forces. He also fronted pop/game show Hold Tight!

Spit the Dog recently raised over £5,000 at a Christie's auction.

He has also helped artists such as Gavin Henderson and Noel Edmonds to write the world famous song The Chicken Dance.

In the 1980s, and at the height of his popularity, Bob famously dressed as a brummy schoolboy to feature in a series of Hellman's Mayonnaise press and television adverts.

Bob now owns a Candle Shop in Frodsham, Cheshire.

Bob is mentioned in almost all episodes of That Peter Kay Thing and appeared in one later episode as himself. He and Spit The Dog can also briefly be seen hosting a Trisha style early morning discussion show in Peter Kay's follow up comedy Phoenix Nights.