Bob Costas

Bob Costas


3/22/1952, Queens, New York (USA)

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Robert Quinlan Costas


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Bob Costas is an American sportscaster and sports historian. Currently working for NBC, he is famous for covering the Olympics, MLB, NFL, and NBA, along with hosting his own show.


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    • Bob Costas: Were there better baseball players than Jackie Robinson? Yes. Were there more important baseball players than Jackie Robinson? Who?

    • Bob Costas: Baseball isn't brain surgery. I just make sure I'm not frivolous at the expense of the game.

    • Bob Costas: I loved Seaver, but you have to put Clemens ahead of him. He's on a short list of being one of the greatest of all time. In my lifetime, no one was better than Koufax at his best. I would pick Sandy for one game. But Clemens is ahead of Gibson and Seaver at their best.

    • Bob Costas: What's happened is that teams have latched onto the notion that Spring Training can be a big revenue producer.

    • Bob Costas: An understanding that it is now indisputable that an entire era in baseball was out of whack, distorted, to some extent inauthentic, and has be viewed almost separate from the rest of baseball history. And that, although baseball is, in fairness, making a belated but now concerted effort to deal with the problem . . . all you can do is try to diminish the use of performance-enhancing drugs, try to change the culture surrounding the sport so that people voluntarily decide they are not going to do it.

  • Talented and one of the best!

    One of the all time greats in sportscasting right

    Up there with Al Michaels, Curt Gowdy, etc. As Bob has

    Done it all from the Super Bowl, World Series, and the

    NBA finals. He also had his own talk show in the late

    Eighties to early nineties. The man can really do it all!

    Liked him ever since I was a kid!
  • What is Costas doing on Larry King ? Get rid of him. BAD CHOICE.

    I saw the interview with Costas and Dominick Dunne. Costas owes Mr. Dunne apology. I thought CNN was more professional than this. Since when is it great TV to see a guest treated in such a rude,cold manner ? There was no humanity there. I was embarrassed to see anyone treated like that. Costas is nauseating to watch, he has ice-water in his veins and dead looking shark-eyes. There is something very creepy about him. I absolutely hate rude interviewers. Larry King is much better with his guests. Larry will connect with people and has a more polite manner. I was just totally disgusted and won't watch anything to do with this jerk Costas ever again. Mr. Dunne, don't let the Turkeys get you down.moreless