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  • What is Costas doing on Larry King ? Get rid of him. BAD CHOICE.

    I saw the interview with Costas and Dominick Dunne. Costas owes Mr. Dunne apology. I thought CNN was more professional than this. Since when is it great TV to see a guest treated in such a rude,cold manner ? There was no humanity there. I was embarrassed to see anyone treated like that. Costas is nauseating to watch, he has ice-water in his veins and dead looking shark-eyes. There is something very creepy about him. I absolutely hate rude interviewers. Larry King is much better with his guests. Larry will connect with people and has a more polite manner. I was just totally disgusted and won't watch anything to do with this jerk Costas ever again. Mr. Dunne, don't let the Turkeys get you down.