Bob Geldof





10/5/1951 , Dun Laoghaire

Birth Name

Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof




Notably the lead singer of punk rock group The Boomtown Rats, who scored a number of hit singles between 1977 and 1986 (when they disbanded). Two number ones Rat Trap - the first for any Irish pop/rock group and I Don't Like Mondays.

Geldof continues to perform as a solo artist with songs like The Great Song of Indifference.

Since his remarkable feat of organising Live Aid he has been involved with many political campaigns, largely on Third World and Poverty issues, but also since the break up of his own marriage on the rights of fathers beyond divorce.

Lately he has been heavily involved in the Commission for Africa with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his government. He was the mastermind behind the Live8 concerts, not a sequal to LiveAid but 10 concerts across the globe campaigning for justice for the poor. The work paid off when the G8 summit agreed to an additional $50billion in Aid, fairer trade, and withdrawal of cotton and similar susbidies. It still remains to be seen how much affect this really had.

Geldof was knighted for his work after the LiveAid concerts. Although this is honorary, and officially he shouldn't use the title, Sir Bob, he is affectionately referred to as Sir Bob. When he isn't referred to as Saint Bob.

Geldof was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for 2006, apparently for the sixth time. Unfortunately he wasn't successful, but there is still hope for the future. The first time was after his work on Live Aid in 1986.